Thursday, July 16, 2015

Aritaum Ginger Sugar Overnight Lip Mask

Another prolific brand under the Amore Pacific umbrella *coughs Laneige coughs* has come out with a lip mask but heady over my prior success, I knew I had to give Aritaum's version a look first.

Name: Aritaum 아리따움 Ginger Sugar Overnight Lip Mask 진저슈가 오버나이트 립마스크
Price: ₩ 9,000 for 25 g
Made in: Korea

Ginger Sugar Overnight Lip Mask is an ultimate thirst quencher as the formula deeply moisturises, keeping my pout soft and in perfect kissable condition (the brand promises 24H protection). Out of all the lip balms that I have tried before – and I have used plenty - this one stays on until the next morning in spite of my violent sleeping habits.

That is not to say that I can't use it during the day time, but I prefer something more portable when I am out and about. Besides that, the sticky, tacky, shiny and glossy finish can err on the slick side... a matte base is preferable if I want to wear lipsticks on top without them slipping or sliding off.

It has the mildest ginger fragrance, which makes sense since this product contains Ginger Extract alongside Shea Butter, Murumuru Seed Butter and Beeswax. A thin layer combined with the generously sized 25 g canister will keep me from looking for an alternative for quite sometime.

Retails for ₩ 9,000 on

The full ingredient list for Ginger Sugar Overnight Lip Mask:
폴리부텐, 덱스트린팔미테이트/에칠헥사노에이트, 피토스테릴/이소스테아릴/세틸/스테아릴/베헤닐다이머디리놀리에이트, 디이소스테아릴말레이트, 피토스테릴이소스테아릴다이머디리놀리에이트, 하이드로제네이티드폴리이소부텐, 미네랄오일,쉐어버터, 마이크로크리스탈린왁스, 글리세린, 칸데릴라왁스, 토코페릴아세테이트, 야자씨드버터, 트리에칠헥사노인,비즈왁스, 카프릴릭/카프릭트리글리세라이드, 디메치콘, 하이드로제네이티드스타이렌/이소프렌코폴리머, 슈크로오스테트라스테아레이트트리아세테이트, 부틸렌/에칠렌/스타이렌코폴리머, 에칠렌/프로필렌/스타이렌코폴리머, 폴리에칠렌, 오조케라이트, 폴리하이드록시스테아릭애씨드, 폴리글리세릴-2디폴리하이드록시스테아레이트, 디스테아디모늄헥토라이트, 소르비탄이소스테아레이트, 이소프로필팔미테이트, 이소스테아릭애씨드, 레시틴, 에칠헥실팔미테이트, 데하이드로아세틱애씨드, 비에이치티, 폴리글리세릴-3폴리리시놀리에이트, 트레할로스, 생강추출물, 향료.


Lynne Kwang said...

May i ask where outlet store can buy this in malaysia? I've been searching it for so long. thx :)

Bijin Blair said...

Hi Lynne! Sorry, as far as I know, Aritaum hasn't been brought into Malaysia yet. You can try, which is where I got mine?