Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Philips KeraShine Heated Styling Brush, Dryer & Straightener

As the cells in your hair mature, they fill up with a fibrous protein called keratin. Damaged hair occur when (inferior) products are used improperly. When your hair is dry and keratin deficient, a remedy in the form of a keratin treatment should be implemented.

This is where the Philips KeraShine range of products comes in. They are infused with keratin and built-in ionic conditioners to keep hair smooth, shiny and free from frizz. The stylers themselves are black (glossy for the heated styling brush and hair dryer; matte for the straightener) and sturdy in construction. The yellow light will illuminate to indicate they are on.

Here's how I got on in no particular order!

Philips KeraShine Heated Styling Brush HP8632 | RM 199
My favourite kind of curls is the classic vintage Hollywood curls like what you would see on Grace Kelly, but this styling brush won't help you achieve that look. Instead it gives soft, effortless curls. Y'know the kind of look that we wish we can all sport when we roll out from the bed?

Second best is still pretty good, and with the KeraShine Heated Styling Brush around, I can pretend that my hair looks naturally perfect from the time I wake up (thanks to the quick heat-up time) to the time I head to bed. And need I mention that the bristles has this awesome retractive ability? No more getting my mop ripped off or even tangled!

◆ 190℃ heat temperature
◆ 45mm barrel
◆ 2 temperature settings

Philips KeraShine Dryer HP8216 | RM 169
I am pretty lucky in the sense that my hair dries fairly straight with a hair dryer (and a round brush) but I can toss my brush away with the KeraShine Dryer around. Sporadically combing through with my fingers is enough to give me sleek locks. Add in a lustrous silky sheen and we have a winner in our hands! Who would have thought that a hair dryer can give me all these?!

I also liked that it had a cool air setting but let's face it, I only use it to dry my nail polish (I might as well admit to bad habits). My only complaint for an otherwise incredible tool is the longer drying time. If it takes my 2,200W ThermoProtect Ionic Hairdryer four minutes to finish the job, the 1,600W KeraShine Dryer will need double the time.

◆ Even Heat Distribution technology
◆ ThermoProtect temperature setting
◆ 3 flexible settings

Philips KeraShine Straightener HP8316 | RM 169
The KeraShine Straightener has a whole host of convenient features from the extra wide plates (H75×W47mm) for easy gliding over thick sections of hair at a time to a swivel cord for flexibility in my movements. One pass and I am ready to go!

Sliding a button located at the base of the straightener will lock the plates in place, making storage quick and easy and protecting the straightener from accidental damage. The lightweight wand (approximately 280g) requires little to no effort to lift, ensuring that my arms don't tire as I work on my hair. All of this is basically meant to ensure that I get poker-straight strands in minimum time without frazzling my mane unnecessarily.

◆ 210℃ heat temperature
◆ 60s heat-up time
◆ Auto shut-off function

It was such a treat to try these new tools out, so thank you, Philips Malaysia, for the opportunity! Want gorgeous tresses on a daily basis? Get the KeraShine collection from blipmy.com!

Disclosure: Press samples.


°♡Jacqueline Khoo♡° said...

Nice write up ya dear! Hehehehe

Mary said...

Girl, your photos are amazing! Share your secrets hehe ;)

Okay, that retractable curling iron is TOO cool! That's the first time I've ever seen something like that and I'm already lusting over it.

Do you know if the curls last a long time without any needed hairspray and other products or is it something you definitely need to secure the hold?

Bijin Blair said...

Hey Mary! The waves/curls definitely need styling products to stay put. It took my hair half an hour or so to unravel when I went without (a liberal amount of) hairspray.

Thank you, you are too kind! But your pictures are so much nicer so there isn't much tips I can offer you? Hahaha!