Saturday, July 18, 2015

Too Cool For School Check Hot Girl Lash 2 Royal Blue

Looking to dip your feet into the world of colored mascaras? Too Cool For School is the brand for you! They have three colours to choose from: 1 Nuts Brown 너츠 브라운, 2 Royal Blue 로열블루 and 3 Raspberry Pink 라즈베리 핑크.


Name: Too Cool For School 투쿨포스쿨 Check Hot Girl Lash 체크 핫 걸 래쉬 2 Royal Blue 로열블루
Price: ₩ 12,000
Made in: Korea

The brown or even blue hue would be ideal for you if you are not ready for bold colours yet. They are a subtle change from the classic black but not quite as intimidating as, say, a pink colour.

I was impressed by not only the beautiful navy blue colour, but also the seriously pretty lashes it delivered. This mascara combines length and volume in one flick of a wand. To really make the colour really pop, two or more coats will do the trick.

I don't ever coat my lower lashes, but I will now thanks to its ability to keep smudges and smears at bay. It looks really cool and maybe a little edgy too? What I know for sure is that I am garnering second takes, haha!

I am only showing the mascara's prowess on my upper lashes because my eyeballs won't photograph well - rampant signs of exhaustion (veiny and seriously yellow) - and this is supposed to be a review filled with rainbows and unicorns, not cobwebs and jungles!



Colored mascaras are one of the easiest ways to get you there, whether you want to expand your horizons or make a statement!

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