Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Clinelle PureSwiss Thermal Spring Water

Name: Clinelle PureSwiss Thermal Spring Water
Price: RM 20.05 for 50 ml
Made in: France

The base of the mist is thermal spring water, sourced from Bad Schinznach in Switzerland which is supposed to have incredible effects on the skin due to its mineral-rich composition.

Sodium 474
Calcium Carbonate 308
Sulphate 177.5
Calcium 4.8
Potassium 3.05
Magnesium 0.141
Nitrate <0.06
Phosphorus 0.01
Lithium 238
Strontium 151
Aluminum 91
Iron 30
Gold 20
Molybdenum <20
Zinc 14
Manganese 13
Barium 11
Selenium <10
Titanium 4
Copper <4

This ticks all of my facial mists criteria and some: refreshes, soothes, moisturises and it does all of that without leaving a lingering residue.

The nozzle produces the finest cloud of mist - it is so easy to go overboard since it is very light. The way to use a thermal spring water (or even mineral water) mist is to let it sit for a minute or so, and then gently pat off the excess. Patting it off is the key if you don't want your skin drier than it was prior to spritzing.

My only moan is the funky aroma. I have been to the Roman Baths complex in the English city of Bath and it was not a pleasant experience sensorial wise (I am assuming all hot springs are an acquired taste). In this case, I am most likely getting a whiff of Bad Schinznach's Aquarena without having to fork for the entrance fee (price here).

PureSwiss Thermal Spring Water is recommended for all skin types including sensitive and is available in stores at all leading pharmacies and online on in three sizes: 50 ml (RM 20.05), 150 ml (RM 41.25) and 300 ml (RM 62.45).

The full ingredient list for PureSwiss Thermal Spring Water:
Aqua (Swiss Bad Schinznach thermal spring water), Nitrogen, Phenoxyethanol, Sodium Hydroxide, Sodium Benzoate.