Friday, November 25, 2016

Mise En Scene Perfect Repair Serum Original

Name: Mise En Scène 미쟝센 Perfect Repair Serum Original 퍼펙트 리페어 세럼 오리지널
Price: ₩ 13,000 for 70 ml (×2)
Made in: Korea

Perfect Repair Serum doesn't weigh down the hair and more importantly, doesn't coat the hair with a layer of grease when too much is used. And it is so easy to go overboard with this serum because it disappears so quickly. My hair has never soaked up anything faster!

I work it on damp hair, then blast it dry using the highest heat setting. My hair dryer is one of those thingamajigs that comes with snazzy functions including emitting ions and whatnot, so I don't feel as guilty when I abuse my hair (daily basis at that). Hair feels healthier, shinier and livelier for lack of a better word, haha.

The scent could make or break a product, and I think that the floral-smelling fragrance makes application a joy. It lifts my mood and leaves the ends of my hair happy. Definitely a hair serum to keep a look for!!

The full ingredient list for Perfect Repair Serum Original:
사이클로펜타실록산, 디메치콘올, 디메치콘, C12-15알킬벤조에이트,아르간트리커넬오일, 동백오일, 코코넛오일, 행인오일, 비르씨오일, 호호바씨오일, 올리브오일, 글라이코리피드, 코코-카프릴레이트/카프레이트, 토마토지질, 향료.