Friday, July 29, 2016

Chuu Beige Stick Foundation

Another month, another foundation, and this one is by Chuu Beige!

Name: Chuu Beige 츄 베이지 Stick Foundation 베이지 스틱파운데이션 21 Light Pink
Price: ₩ 29,000 for 13 g
Made in: Korea

I have said it before, and I will say it again, pink toned foundations are not for me. 21 Light Pink is most decidedly on the pink side of the spectrum and a bit too light to boot! I have half a mind to buy 23 Natural Beige just to ensure my review is in no way biased *shifty eyes*

It is rather thick and heavy which on hindsight, explains the medium coverage. And when layered, I can even get away without using concealer. Only because I am fine with some shadows and discolouration from hyperpigmentation peeking through - I have learnt to accept that my skin is far from perfect, hurhurhur.



That said, it has a soft, very glidable texture that makes blending (fingers, brushes or sponges) a breeze. It is long lasting too (without the use of a powder!), which simply defies comprehension but fills this low-maintenance sloth with joy. The matte finish can be a boon or a bust; I like a bit of luminosity to to fake a natural healthy glow (not that I have any business with it once I factor in my oily skin and humid surroundings).

The con for me: it doesn't fill in gigantic pores. This can be easily solved with a makeup base, but I like it when my foundation can do everything. Don't you? Haha! The con for you: it will emphasize flakes and dry patches, so if you struggle with these problems, then this foundation may not be for you.

The Chuu Beige Stick Foundation is available in 3 shades and retails for US$ 35 at

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Jeann Liew said...

I am with you, Blair, I love more dewiness to my foundation look, though I have combination skin and yes, our humid weather won't help either, but I still would prefer that little glow look rather than matte and powdery. Yes, I have also come to accept that I may not have a wonder product that can cover up all my pigmentation when I want a light to medium coverage for my face and still look natural, I guess we just can't have it all, can we? haha but I don't mind to use a primer.

I have not tried a foundation stick before but I heard that Bobbi Brown one is really good, so I do hope you will get to sample that one out eventually, haha *_^

With love,