Thursday, May 14, 2015

Hugo Man And Hugo Woman Campaign

The television commercial for Hugo Man and Hugo Woman is the work of Ryan Hope. In this, French model Adrien Sahores and Danish model Freja Beha Erichsen inspire Hugo's wearers to write their own story, take their own path, and stray away from the herd. Your fragrance, your way.

They make an intriguing pair: nonchalant, audacious, self-assured - neither revering their scent, nor telling others how to live in the print campaign shot by Karim Sadli.

One of the top male models of the moment, Adrien is unmistakeably charismatic, cool and original, just like the Hugo Man fragrance. With an infectious zest for life and spirit, he perfectly embodies the sentiment of the fragrance. He describes travel and the experiencing of life around the world as something that fascinates him and as one of the opportunities he relishes as a model.

Known for her unique and captivating beauty, Freja has a femininity that carries a subtle boyish twist, much like the Hugo Woman fragrance. Today, Freja is one of today's most celebrated female models, appearing in the world's best campaigns and runway shows, including Hugo Boss, with Vogue citing her as one of its top models of the 2000s.

Would it interest you if I say that I happen to have an insight into Freja's beauty regimen, her style and even the contents of her fridge?! Go on, have a nose around! And while you are at it, peep at my perspective on the Hugo Woman perfume here.

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Arya De Guzman said...

i like the sound of Hugo Woman "femininity that carries a subtle boyish twist", I don't care if people keep telling to me to be ladylike~it's my style to be a bit boyish :)