Sunday, May 31, 2015

My Eczema Action Plan: Your Step By Step Guide To Managing Eczema

Eczema is now becoming rampant even among young children – one out of five children is affected by this skin disorder. When eczema affects young children, it can be a nightmare to the entire family. Enlightening these parents, caregivers and patients on the proper management and care of eczema is the central focus of the National Eczema Awareness Month (NEZAM).

Eczema is characterised by these two easily identified symptoms: rashes and extreme itching. Your skin becomes extremely dry and it begins to itch. The urge to scratch can become intolerable. When you scratch, the skin breaks and becomes a target for infection. This then triggers the release of inflammatory chemicals and your skin becomes inflamed, which further irritates the skin.

NEZAM launched 'My Eczema Action Plan: Your Step-by-Step Guide to Managing Eczema', a fully illustrated guidebook for young patients and little friends to effectively manage eczema. The book is arranged topically which makes it easy for young children to learn and remember the important aspects of eczema care. You can go to to download a copy of the e-book for free.

From May to September 2015, RM 3 will be donated to this cause for every bottle or tube of Atopiclair sold at Caring Pharmacy. Do your part to raise funds for the Eczema Kidz Club HKL in conjunction with NEZAM 2015!

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