Thursday, June 27, 2013

Etude House Color Pop Review: Color Pop Drawing Show Creamy Pencil, Color Pop Nails

Here is the long awaited Part ② of my Etude House Color Pop overview. It was pure torture during the whole process to publish this post because I could not use the items until I photographed them. And I am a procrastinator... so, you can guess how well (not!) that went haha.

Drawing Show Creamy Pencil Color Pop

Name: Etude House 에뛰드하우스 Color Pop Drawing Show Creamy Pencil 드로잉쇼 크리미 펜슬 컬러팝
Price: ₩ 6,000 for 1.9 g
Made in: Korea

The two shades I have are OR202 Let Love Orange 렛 러브 오렌지 (true orange) and PK103 Luck and Pink 락 앤 핑크 (brick pink). OR202 is matte whereas PK103 has slight shimmers.

OR202 - PK103

OR202 - PK103

These pencils glide easily with minimal tugging (bear in mind that I have oily lids). The colours are not completely opaque which means that they are very forgiving, thus fitting unsteady hands.

They last the few hours I donned them without smudging or transferring. I really like them and I wish they came in the ubiquitous black shade. I would snap it up in a heartbeat!

Color Pop Nails

Clockwise from bottom left: CGR701 Apple Shower Pop 애플샤워팝 - CGR704 Melon Soda Pop 멜론소다팝 - CBL601 Hawaiian Soda Pop 하와이안소다팝 - CBL604 Funky Jean Pop 펑키진팝

Name: Etude House 에뛰드하우스 Color Pop Nails 컬러팝 네일즈
Price: ₩ 2,000 for 7 ml
Made in: Korea

Like most Etude House polishes, the formulation run on the thin but opaque side. I could have gotten away with one coat but to even out streaks, I brushed on two.

CGR701 - CGR704 - CBL601 - CBL604

CGR701 - CGR704 - CBL601 - CBL604

From my pictures, one would assume CGR704 (forest green) and CBL601 (medium turquoise) are identical but that is so far from the truth. Please accept my apologies for my camera is unable to pick up the differences. You can refer to the picture below for more accurate swatches:

To buy, visit your nearest Etude House outlet or

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Disclosure: Pink Bird samples.


LauraLeia said...

oh my god, everything looks so pretty and bright and cheery in this collection! I'm not a fan of pencil liners but asdfghjkl these look too pretty to be missed out >_<

Makeup Morsels said...

Your nails are gorgeous! I always try to get them that long, but it's a struggle. The liners are definitely not in my comfort zone as far as color goes, but pretty much anything goes during the summer :) And they look good on you!

Shayne♥ said...

im going to check out if etude in my country already has that nail polish in teal :) looks pretty

Mizu said...

Pretty pictures!I'm in love with the creamy liners too!