Monday, October 5, 2015

Boss Woman Runway Edition

You could be hamming it up in your pyjamas or lying belly first on your settee but you can still enjoy the entirety of fashion week month with the live shows and a spritz of any of Boss's Runway Edition perfumes.

The bottles that house these scents are modern collectors' items; sleek settings for the fashion sketches (the day dress, the tuxedo, and the evening gown), with backdrops in white, pink and black.

Let's start with a rediscovery and possibly my overall pick - Boss Jour! It ticks off all the boxes, it is subtle, universal and unostentatious. It is simply impossible to go wrong with this scent; it can easily whisk me to a boardroom meeting on Wednesday to sitting under the shade for a picnic on Saturday. It is not by any means a sharp or imposing scent, but it has a lovely comforting feel to it that makes me think of sun rise and freshly laundered linen.

◆ Top notes: Agathosma, Grapefruit Flower, Lime Accord
◆ Heart notes: Honeysuckle, Lily of the Valley, Freesia
◆ Base notes: Creamy Amber, White Birch, Orris

Boss Ma Vie is all about the flowers; I have no blooming idea what a cactus blossom is but it makes the pink floral bouquet in the heart sing! It is so bold that it is almost cloying, so overpowering that I have to be careful how much I spray. It is hard to figure what to make of it at first, and call it what you want but there is no denying that it is definitely an attention grabber. If you love See By Chloé then you will be a fan of this.

◆ Top notes: Cactus Blossom
◆ Heart notes: Pink Floral Bouquet with Rose Bud
◆ Base notes: Cedarwood

Lastly in this little collection is Boss Nuit - the juxtaposition of night to Boss Jour's day. As a fan of bubbly and feminine fragrances, this hits all the right spots. It is the type of scent that makes me want to don my best frock and dance till dawn with the requisite glass of champagne. Best frock meaning LBD of course, because nobody can miss the connotation between this sleek little number and the elegant black flacon.

◆ Top notes: Fresh Aldehydic Accord, White Peach
◆ Heart notes: Violet, Jasmine, White Florals
◆ Base notes: Sandalwood, Crystal Moss, Warm Woods

The Boss woman can choose a fashion classic, or an entire fragrance wardrobe. These perfumes are sold at major department stores and perfumeries for RM 266 per 50ml and RM 339 per 75 ml.

Disclosure: Press samples.