Friday, October 23, 2015

3CE 2015 Lip Color Palette Actress Pink

I have been scrutinising Kim Tae-hee's photographs and every time she steps into the limelight, she is in a satin lip. Maybe this is how Actress Pink came about?


Name: 3 Concept Eyes 쓰리컨셉아이즈 Lip Color Palette 립 컬러 팔레트 #Actress Pink
Price: ₩ 32,000
Made in: Korea

The compact feels sleek, and perhaps it is something makeup artists would carry? It definitely looks more grown up than the other road shop brands out there – my only gripe is that the palette lacks an applicator; are we supposed to dip our fingers in or do we bring our own lip brush and risk losing it in the cavernous depths of our makeup pouches?

The range of shades in the palette are really appealing even if they may not suit all skin tones. If you are in the market for a selection of hot pinks, then this could be for you. Shades from left to right: Glass Hotpink, Fuchsia, Pink Jam and Bella.

✤ Glass Hotpink: pale baby pink
✤ Fuchsia: Hollywood cerise
✤ Pink Jam: Mexican pink
✤ Bella: carmine

Usually multi-purpose lip and cheek products are too fiddly to work as blushes so I was really relieved that 3CE found the right balance. On the lips, the satin finish maintains a delicate sheen and on the cheeks, it looks juicy. That said, I would highly recommend slicking on a balm underneath, just to bring up comfort levels!

Glass Hotpink does not show up on my lips, which is why I decided to be fair *coughs* and not show how the rest look like on. I mean, which would you prefer? My unprofessional, awkward lip swatches versus the ones provided by the brand... there is no contest, right? Haha!


The Lip Color Palette is US$ 36 on and comes in two other options: Gossip Red and Pink Trophy.

Disclosure: BNTGirls sample. Head on over to BNTNews for more exciting news, may it be K-Beauty, K-Fashion or K-Pop!


Princess Neverland said...

Wah you went and scrutinized Kim Tae Hee's photographs some more haha! I like the Bella shade :)

Mary said...

The shades in this palette are so bright and pretty, especially Bella and Pink Jam! :D I think I might buy this one... It's calling my name! Hehe