Thursday, August 6, 2015

Daeng Gi Meo Ri Luxury Special Hair Care Shampoo

Would you like to have beautiful hair, just like Han Chae-ah's? Well, Daeng Gi Meo Ri is here to help you realise your dreams!

Name: Daeng Gi Meo Ri 댕기머리 Luxury Special 명품 스페셜 Hair Care Shampoo 모발 관리 샴푸
Price: ₩ 27,900 for 500 ml + 145 ml
Made in: Korea

The Luxury Special Hair Care Shampoo uses a blend of extracts (Lily, Caulerpa Racemosa, Chlorella, fermented Pseudoalteromonas, Wilfordii Root, False Daisy, Hazelnut, Camellia), i.e. oriental magic, to strengthen, reinforce and revitalise damaged locks from the inside out.

It has a strong herbaceous scent; heavily laden with ginseng, cordyceps and their ilk. It can overwhelm the senses, which can be a boon and a bane (one man's meat is another man's poison). It is the type of product that you need to give a good sniff first before you buy it.

This shampoo is essential to keep my strands healthy. The amount of hair trapped in my bathroom's stopper has halved ever since I started using this shampoo and I can take longer in between clearing out sessions - I am my bathroom's only occupant so I get full control over its level of cleanliness *shifty eyes*

I read accounts saying that it is supposed to be used alone (no conditioner needed), but my mane needs more TLC than that! It leaves my tresses a little on the dry side so I have been pairing it with conditioners from Mandom's Moist Diane and also Kao's Essential (because they are all I have in my bathroom, haha!) to maintain my hair's softness and shine. Any conditioner will do the trick though!

This sulphate-free yet super sudsy shampoo comes in a pack of two: a large 500 ml bottle and a travel size 145 ml bottle. They are both a delight to have in any bathroom (the intricate details are swoon worthy!) and I can't fawn over them enough!

The full ingredient list for Luxury Special Hair Care Shampoo:

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