Thursday, August 27, 2015

SK-II Opens The Door To A World Of New Destinies

Empowered by women's commitment to continually #changedestiny, SK-II opened the doors to new destinies at the SK-II #changedestiny World at Suria KLCC from August 18th to 23rd. This marks the next stage of the brand's global #changedestiny movement to inspire and empower women to go beyond their limitations and take control of their own destinies.

The Power is in Your Hands
At the official launch of SK-II #changedestiny World, SK-II's influencers, Soo Wincci (beauty queen-turned-singer actress) and Marsha Milan Londoh (singer, actress and emcee) spoke of their struggles to join the entertainment industry and journey to get where they are today - living proofs that courage and determination can shape destiny.

General Manager of Suria KLCC Ben Chong, Londoh, P&G Country CEO Malaysia & Singapore Nicolas de La Giroday, Soo and Assistant General Manager of Parkson Sophie Yip

Through the Doors to #changedestiny
The #changedestiny World features four doors, each leading guests to a different destination of the #changedestiny journey:

◆ #changedestiny Voices: insights from real Malaysian women on top challenges they face and their thoughts on #changedestiny

◆ #changedestiny Secret Key: learn about the miracle of Pitera™, and experience proof of the miracle that has changed the skin destinies of women across the world

Soo, Joanne Yew and Londoh feeling the texture of Koji rice that holds the secret to SK-II's iconic Pitera™

◆ #changedestiny Timeless Beauty: introducing a new age of firmness from every angle with the new SK-II R.N.A. Power, the brand's latest anti-ageing innovation

SK-II's next generation anti-ageing series, R.N.A. Power is the key to youthful skin for the next 15 years

◆ #changedestiny Beginnings: join the movement and pledge your commitment to #changedestiny

New Age of Firmness from Every Angle with SK-II R.N.A. Power
We also experienced the efficacy of the next generation anti-ageing skincare line first-hand, where the benefits of the SK-II R.N.A. (Radical New Age) Power range was conducted via a live demonstration.

R.N.A. Power Essence (left) and R.N.A. Power (right)

Graduating from stem cell science to the next generation anti-ageing R.N.A. science, the new boutique promises that women of any age can take control of their destiny to achieve youthful, lengthwise × crosswise firm skin that looks and feels good from every angle.

SK-II scientist, Chen Lu, highlighting the benefits of the R.N.A. Power Essence

The R.N.A. Power range will replace the Stempower Essence and Stempower from the current SK-II anti-ageing boutique. R.N.A. Power Essence is priced at RM 419 (30 ml), RM 606 (50 ml) and RM 862 (75 ml) whereas R.N.A. Power goes for RM 373 (50 g), RM 561 (80 g) and RM 599 (100 g).


Kathy said...

While I have tried and used only a small sampling of SKII products, they are really nice. The only thing holding me back from buying it is the price point, which is unfortunate.

Bijin Blair said...

That's an understatement, haha! What are the products that you have used? Perhaps I should give them a try too!