Monday, February 3, 2014

Bloop Party Nails

I am sorely lacking in skills for nail art. At best, I am a one colour wonder but when the occasion calls for it, I know I can rely on some help from a few friends...

Bloop does these stunning nail appliques - precut nail strips and stickers - in a variety of designs. They have zero dry time, and offer excellent air permeability as well as easy removal. The selling point? These strips come with nail files. How handy is that?

They last up to 7 days

This unnamed and unnumbered polish comes in a shocking neon orange shade. Despite the thick consistency, at least three coats are needed to erase translucent patches. The lasting power is on the average side - I started seeing wear to the tips the third day I had it on. The selling point? Its accelerated drying time!

From left: one to three coats

To buy, you can go to Cheating at nail art has never been more glamorous!


Kiss & Make-up said...

I've tried nail stickers a few times now and I gotta say, I'm a fan :-) And that orange nail polish looks really lovely, it's such a nice shade!

Pebble Penn said...

OMG the second nail stickers are soooo adorkable!
I have never tried nail stickers before because I am scared they are hard take off? But its sooo cute!
How do you remove nail stickers? peel and rip? or still requires nail polish remover?

Bijin Blair said...

Hi Melissa, orange nail polishes are beautiful indeed! What are some of your favourite shades?

Bijin Blair said...

Hi Penny, your guesses are correct! The instructions say: dip nails into warm water for 5-10 minutes. Peel off nail strips. Remove excess with nail polish remover.

Gen-zel said...

I also love nail strips and nail polishes. i'm not really good on applyig polishes before, i practiced a lot! I like that blue and yellow strips. it looks fun and perfect for summer here in my country. The orange lacquer looks a bit matte for me which I like too!