Saturday, February 8, 2014

Taiwan Beauty Shopping

This title is slightly misleading, I should replace it to Beauty Shopping at Ximending, Taipei because this was where I camped spent all my free time.

Taiwan is full of personal care stores and I am only going to address the leading ones. Judging from the perpetual flow of customers, these stores seem to have a leg up on the competition.

And please accept my apologies for not taking pictures of the stores or the displays because I was being an extremely good shopper/bad blogger.

86 Shop

Address: 台北市萬華區成都路27巷5號1樓
Telephone: (02)2370 6257
Hours: 周一至周四 13:00-21:00; 周五至周日 13:00-22:00
Brands: 3CE, Bevy C, Bioderma, Bonanza, Cremorlab, Dr. Hsieh, EJG, Hanaka, Miss Hana, Solone


Address: 台北市萬華區成都路54號
Telephone: (02)7729 8278
Hours: 09:00-02:00
Brands: Dr. Morita, For Beloved One, My Beauty Diary, Neogence, Nuxe, Opal, Shiseido Senka, White Formula


Address: 108台北市中華路一段88號
Telephone: (02)2314 6311
Hours: 週一至週四 10:30- 22:30; 週五.六及例假日前一天 10:30-23:00
Brands: Bonanza, Dr. Morita, Kuan Yuan Lian, Meishoku, My Beauty Diary, My Scheming Beauty, Sexylook, Solone


Address: 台北市萬華區峨嵋街45號1樓
Telephone: (02)2370 0226
Hours: 11:00-22:00
Brands: Bonanza, Meishoku, Neogence, Nuxe, White Formula


Branch: 武昌 
Address: 台北市萬華區武昌街二段37, 39號
Telephone: (02)2388 9107/2388 9108, (02)2389 2346
Hours: 24H


Branch: 西門 
Address: 台北市萬華區成都路15號
Telephone: (02)2314 0833/2314 7837, (02)2314 7837
Hours: 24H
Brands: 1028 時尚彩妝, Beautymate, Bourjois, Canmake, Cezanne, Dr. Wu, For Beloved One, Kanebo Media, Kose Junkisei Prime, Naruko, Neogence, Unitec

Additional information:
Majolica Majorca, Integrate, Sofina Jenne, Sofina Primavista, Lavshuca and Kate are found at most places.
Etude House, Skinfood, Nature Republic, The Face Shop, Tony Moly and Too Cool For School have stores at Ximending.
Foreign currencies are exchanged upon arrival at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport or at banks. Bring along your passport and keep your exchange receipt; it must be presented in order to exchange unused NT$ before departure.

Feel free to leave any queries in the comment section, I will try my best to help!


plue said...

lol! i normally spend a lot of time running around in Ximending shopping, those are the few places I would go each time I'm there. There's also this Japanese drugstore (yellow signboard) and Tailung which I would also go to, the Japanese drugstore you would see it around the subway station (cannot remember which ones already), Tailung/Tokyu Hands at Shinkong Mitsukoshi at Xinyi district shopping area. There's also Plaza Tokyo at Sogo Fuxing, and Breeze Plaza at Taipei Main Station. I think basically these are the places I go to for beauty shopping ahaha. I don't exchange my unused NT$ becuz I know I'll want to return there again and again! :P

YoannitaL said...

sadly i dont luve in taiwan but i enjoy looking through all the pictures of beauty products ;) this will be useful for me when i visit taiwan someday :)

Jenni @ lifeandlensofbeauty said...

Lol i just bought the ange primer and the solone liners while in TW!! love mirada <3!

Bijin Blair said...

My beauty guru!

I wish I am back in Taiwan right now, shopping at the places that you mentioned haha

Bijin Blair said...

Awww, you will enjoy the shopping in Taiwan! Of that, I have no doubt!

Bijin Blair said...

Which primer did you get? Moisture Keep Base UV or Long Keep Base UV? I went to Mirada with Moisture Keep Base UV in mind but left with Long Keep Base UV. I wasn't keen on the shimmer particles in Moisture Keep Base UV...

Solone liners? The same one as mine or the other variations? And did you get yourself some Miss Hana liners?

Mizu said...

omg..that's awesome! Would love to visit Taiwan too!

Anatasia Kamelia said...

I love beauty shopping at Ximending. The beauty shops are packed in that area. There are Nature Republic and Skinfood store too, so it's like one stop beauty shopping :D

Kiss & Make-up said...

What a lovely guide you put together :-) I've been to Taiwan.

Bijin Blair said...

Hey Anatasia! You summed it up perfectly, 西門町 is indeed a one-stop shopping paradise!

Gen-zel said...

I'm very interested with the items you got especially the Naruko and Majolica Majorca. They are being a hit in our country that eveyone talks about those brands.