Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Amp Up Moisture Levels With Laneige’s Upgraded Water Bank Creams!

Daily moisturisation ensures that the skin does not develop extreme dryness or oiliness which could in turn cause common skin problems like blemishes and acne. The Water Bank range by Laneige goes a step further by activating the skin's natural ability to create moisture on its own with the infusion of Hydro Ion Mineral Water and Moisturising Biogene Technology™.

Apart from activating the skin's ability to create moisture, the Water Bank Gel Cream and Water Bank Moisture Cream has been upgraded with the introduction of Mini Hyaluronic Acid and Air-Wetting Formula. This new upgrade will not only help the skin to naturally create moisture, but also work to strengthen the skin's ability to hold and retain moisture. The skin is then able to achieve a 360° moisturising care, leaving it feeling plumped and well-moisturised with a proven 24-hour moisturising effect.

Water Bank Gel Cream (RM 150 for 50 ml)

A translucent gel type moisture cream that regulates skin sebum. Its refreshing and light finish makes it suitable for oily and combination skin especially for hot, humid weather. The Water Bank Gel Cream is able to penetrate 20 layers of skin, triggering the activation of moisturising gene to relieve dry skin and repair skin damage.

Key ingredients include Winter Cypress Polysaccharide to soothe and cool reddened, flushed skin by 3℃ for fresh and shine-free skin throughout the day. Other than that, it contains Quinoa Extract which is rich in mineral and nutritional contents.

Water Bank Moisture Cream (RM 150 for 50 ml)

A cream type rich-moisture cream that combats skin dryness from within and improves skin texture and dry lines, the Water Bank Moisture Cream is best suited for normal to dry skin. Similar to the Gel Cream, the Moisture Cream deeply penetrates 20 layers of skin, triggering the activation of the moisturising gene to relieve dry skin and repair skin damage from within.

Squalane extracted from olives is one of the key ingredients of this cream. It helps to retain moisture for 24 hours and also reinforces the lipid barrier in the epidermis. Different from the Gel Cream, the presence of Glasswort Extract helps to maintain the skin's osmotic pressure and retain moisture as it is rich in minerals.

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