Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Vely Vely No.19 Red Rouge

The most recent lip product to join the ranks of kimchi land's elite is Vely Vely's No.19 Red Rouge! This awesome lipstick is infused with Three Oil Complex, Shea Butter, Honey Extract and Six Flower Complex to moisturise, nourish and soothe the lips while adding a splash of colour.

Name: Vely Vely 블리블리 No.19 Red Rouge 빨강루즈
Price: ₩ 19,800 for 3.4 g
Made in: Korea

The bold rose red colour is definitely not for the faint hearted. It is too pigmented (for me) to apply straight from the tube but dabbed on is when the magic happens! By dabbing, I do miss out on the satin finish but that is a cross I must bear for the colour is loveee.

I don't have to retouch this after lunch, which was pretty impressive given the fact it isn't exactly drying but not moisturising either. It is a combination of the both... it lasts long yet glides on with ease. And when I say long, I mean that it is able to power through a full on meal (including drinks on the side).

It wears off super prettily and gives the lips the loveliest rosy stain. A slick of lipbalm or a gloss will liven up things again or I could even leave my lips alone. The sky's the limit with this lipstick! What's more, the rubbery casing has a closure that clicks shut so satisfactorily.

There is more to the collection that I am dying to get my hands on - but only if I finish some of my existing lipsticks first, and we all know how this ends right? Haha!

US$ 27.72 at; free shipping on orders of US$ 300 or more.

The full ingredient list for No.19 Red Rouge:

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