Friday, September 18, 2015

3CE Long Wear Eye Crayon Baguette

Every brand under the sun has some kind of eye crayon on the market so you are justified when your first thought is that the 3CE Long Wear Eye Crayon is nothing special.


Name: 3 Concept Eyes 쓰리컨셉아이즈 Long Wear Eye Crayon 롱 웨어 아이 크레용 Baguette
Price: ₩ 15,000 for 1.5 g
Made in: Korea

I get it because we have all seen it before! But there is something remarkable about this and it is all due to the crease-free formula. Well, it is not exactly crease-free because it creases in the inner corners but in its defence, everything creases once they come upon my oily lids.

Warm shades, such as this coppery orange, are really pretty. But if it were up to me, I would have picked out Adorable or Syrup. Baguette just doesn't suit my skin tone... the other shades in the range are really nice too, and while they aren't the most electric, they are wearable and that is what that matters most.

It is creamy, pigmented, and long lasting - the colour is just as vibrant as it first went on a couple of hours in. I am really impressed by it! It is definitely a step up (to put it lightly) from the mess that is the Elianto Long Wear Eyeshadow Stick.

Get it on for US$ 17 or Sephora for RM 53!

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Ahleessa said...

Never heard of this brand but the color is gorgeous!