Thursday, January 1, 2015

Hello Hunan!

It is only fitting that I start off the year with something new. I have never documented my travels... so here goes nothing!

I went to Fenghuang (amazing night view), Zhangjiajie (where some scenes for Avatar were shot) and Changsha (home to Happy Camp) and it was amazing. This is my first time to this province (Hunan) and the chaos and colour were a refreshing change.

I should mention that the shopping at Changsha cannot be compared to Guangzhou. I did not get to buy much but at least I got to eat a lot? I think I gained 1 kg during this trip (what with all the walking and climbing). It is a place meant for the fit ahaha.

I wish you all a lovely 2015 filled with peace, love and joy!


Yoannita90 said...

ooohh lovely pictures!!! Love it!! Happy New Years 2015 for you!! Glad you had great time to start off the 2015!