Saturday, May 31, 2014

Pop Of Pink

I can't even begin to count the number of pink items I picked up since the beginning of 2014. This wallet is one of the many. It is girly, practical and you can spot the pop of pink in the midst of crap from a mile away. I can even slot my huge mobile in there!

◆ Silver coloured hardware
◆ Holds up to 8 cards, 4 on either side
◆ H10.5×W19.5×D2.4cm

Really pleased with my random buy, haha!


LauraLeia said...

I still haven't gotten used to using long wallets (I stick to my short ones lol) but a lot of my friends love long ones like these. :D Indeed, as you mentioned, some are super handy because you can even fit your phone inside. From the photo it looks more red than pink to me though... ^^;;

Yoannita90 said...

i love pink! Im obssessed with everything girly colors lol! The wallet looking stunning! :)

Gen-zel said...

My room is full of pink stuff :D Love this wallet you got. can house a lot of moolah, cards, and receipts!