Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Memebox Luckybox #3

I had to dip my toes into the hype of Memeboxes after countless visits to and seeing the boxes fly off the shelves sell out within days (even hours at times) of going live.

For the uninitiated, Memebox is a Korean beauty subscription service based in the US with three boxes designed to cater to differing needs: Memebox, Superbox and Luckybox. Luckybox contains popular items from past sold-out Memeboxes, and according to the blurb on the site, may contain new favourites that are impossible to resist.

Of course this service is not without its drama. I could go on all day about the dissatisfaction regarding the contents of an older Memebox, disgruntlement that arose when it was announced that shipping to some international destinations would be halted and etc but that is not why you are here right? Haha!

This is an unboxing post and will be peppered with my initial impressions (as it only touched down a few hours ago). Without further ado, let's delve into the contents of the box:

Miguhara B.P. Cream 미구하라 비피 크림 (3 ml ×2) | ₩ 37,000 for 30 ml
Holika Holika Skin & Good Cera Super Cream 홀리카홀리카 스킨 앤 굳세라 수퍼크림 (10 ml) | ₩ 18,900 for 60 ml
Ryoe Jayang Yunmo Anti-Hair Loss Treatment 려 자양윤모탈모방지트리트먼트 (100 ml) | ₩ 10,000 for 200 ml
Dr. Jart V7 Eye Serum 닥터자르트 V7 아이 세럼 (full size; 15 ml) | ₩ 38,000
LJH Dr's Care Vita Propolis Ampoule 이지함 닥터스케어 비타프로폴리스 앰플 (5 ml) | ₩ 25,900 for 15 ml
Lanoa Natural Sulfur Soap 라노아 천연 유황 비누 (full size; 100 g) | ₩ 12,000
Derma:B Daily Moisture Body Lotion 더마비 데일리 모이스처 바디로션 (100 ml) | ₩ 16,000 for 400 ml
Flower Men Energy Factory Moist Boosting Hyaluronic Acid Sheet Mask 꽃을든남자 에너지팩토리 모이스트 부스팅 히아루론산 시트 마스크 (full size; 25 g ×2) | ₩ 2,500 each
HeartFace Ultra Pore Care Sleeping Pack 하트페이스 울트라 포어 케어 슬리핑팩 (20 ml) | ₩ 35,000 for 100 ml

Altogether the box has a value of ₩ 90,183 ≈ US$ 87.30 (prices are taken from the official Korean website for each product and not the card), more than triple the US$ 23 subscription worth.

I am... well... underwhelmed. Why? There are far superior products from previous boxes that I would have liked to see (Gowoonsesang Total Active Dual BB Cream, Cremorlab Mineral Treatment Essence, Secret Key Snow White Cream, MAX Clinic Caviar Massage Oil Foam and Jaminkyung Gokmul Care Creamy Cleansing Masque) and I thought that Memebox team could have included more full sizes instead of these itty-bitty samples. Hmmm... am I nitpicking too much?

Would you pay US$ 23 for this box? And are you interested in reading a review of any of the products listed above?


Joanne Mallon said...

I have ordered this box and am currently waiting for it to arrive in the UK. I think there are definitely some interesting products in there so I am happy with the value of the box. It's not the best box they've produced but it's certainly not the worst - I guess that's how it goes with beauty boxes, not every one will be a hit. I would be interested to read future reviews as I will also be using the products and it's nice to see different people's experiences.

Lena L said...

LOL how adorable are those sheet masks!!
I am not a fan of subscriptions boxes, generally speaking. I think $23 for all those items is still a good deal, though. It is just that we get very particular about what we want as seasoned bbloggers and prefer to get one thing we want for $23 than getting some random hits and misses, not to mention the commitment that is usually required for these types of service. :)

Yoannita90 said...

looks like great goodies! Im so interested for a review of flower men sheet masks. omg it look so cute and interesting!

Gen-zel said...

I really want to try Memebox too! Now you're making me want it more :D Love the items that you got and of course will wait for your reviews. The sheet masks are so cute!!!

Bijin Blair said...

Hello Joanne! Has it reached yet? Did you purchase the other boxes? I will most likely review the eye serum or the hair treatment (because I'm finishing the ones in my bathroom cabinet soon ahaha). I hope you check back often and thanks so much for visiting!

Mindy said...

Honestly, it looks like a lot of items, but it's hard to gauge the real sizes in pictures *LOL*. What is that sachet with the cartoon head of a man? Whatta cute packaging! I would happily pay USD 23 for this in exchange for any crappy Indonesian box *LOL*

Bijin Blair said...

Sheet masks! I had to fold them into half because otherwise they wouldn't fit into the frame.

The bottle fifth from the left is around the size of a thumb (I am sure you can guesstimate the sizes of the rest from there ahaha). These are fancier versions of sample sachets because they contain more or less the same amount: 3 ml, 5 ml and 10 ml.

Bijin Blair said...

These boxes are sold on a first come first serve basis, so you've got to stalk the site if you want one. Yeah, if only they divulge the contents - surprises usually don't sit well with me ahaha