Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Etude House: Proof 10 Auto Pencil, Fresh Cherry Tint, Hot Summer Nail & Body Painting

I ended up with an assortment of best sellers from Etude House's generous Pink Box for August. I have been plodding through a neverending heatwave so this box was a blessing (it took my mind off the weather for a good hour? Hahaha).

Proof 10 Auto Pencil

Name: Etude House 에뛰드하우스 Proof 10 Auto Pencil 프루프10 방수펜슬 BK801 Proof Black 방수블랙
Price: ₩ 6,000 for 0.3 g
Made in: Korea

This retractable eyeliner comes with a sharpener tucked into the base. BK801, a greyish-black, is fairly creamy and it does not budge at all once it dries (just remember that its smudge-proof properties does not apply to the waterline).

I am in love with the formulation and shall get BK802 Pearl Black 샤인블랙펄 for comparison purposes:

Fresh Cherry Tint

Name: Etude House 에뛰드하우스 Fresh Cherry Tint 앵두알 맑은 틴트 PK001 Cherry Pink 앵두알 핑크
Price: ₩ 6,000 for 9 g
Made in: Korea

PK001 is a sweet baby pink that barely shows up on my pigmented lips. Its only saving grace is the delightful strawberry popsicle smell, an utterly different spin from Etude House's usual affinity with apricot scents.

Fresh Cherry Tint has three other shades:

Hot Summer Nail & Body Painting

Name: Etude House 에뛰드하우스 Hot Summer Nail & Body Painting 핫썸머 네일 & 바디 페인팅 1 Cooling Pink 쿨링 핑크
Price: ₩ 6,000 for 1 box (7 ml ×2)
Made in: Korea

The neon pink and creamy beige duo in Cooling Pink have different consistencies. The former is so much sheerer whereas the latter has a thicker formula, which results in visible brush strokes. Both are solid two coaters though and work beautifully together.

There are three neon combinations in the collection:

(Source: Promotional images are from

Disclosure: Pink Bird samples.


Caity @ Moi Contre La Vie said...

Such fun products & cute packaging - I love all the colors. That eye pencil looks lovely! <3

LauraLeia said...

Aaaaahhh I'm so jelly of the nail polish set! :3

Kajsa Josephine Andersen said...

Must say the warming lemon shade intrigues me, usually I don´t opt for something so bold and out there :)

Bethany said...

Did you try the nail tattoos with the polish? They were a bit fiddly, but kind of cool.

Somdatta said...

ohooo! Such fine and nice colors! I love them all! :)

Blair said...

Hi Bethany! No I didn't, I'm terrible at doing anything remotely artistic to my nails.

Somdyuti said...

Love the packaging and the products look so interesting. Love the eye pencil and cherry tint. Cute! <3

Miruku said...

They all look so lovely! I've been interested in EtudeH's lip products because the colours are so cute. I was a little worried about how long they'd last for though. It sound's like the colouring isn't great quality :/

Maxinne Marie said...

Etude House is lovely! I want to try their nail polish collection and their eyebrow liners. :)

Quinn said...

I love the Etude lip products! :) Also, this may sound off topic but I'm jealous of the shape of your eyebrows haha. This year I've been trying to slowly reduce their arch haha. Great post! :)

Blair said...

Hi Quinn, don't be! My brows are penciled in, otherwise, they'd be shapeless and sparse haha