Monday, January 7, 2013

Sunkiller BB Perfect Strong A SPF50+ PA+++

Sunkiller BB Perfect Strong A is a tinted sunscreen with skincare benefits, hence, the inclusion of the term BB. As you well know, BB creams are multi-taskers that purportedly replace your serum, moisturiser, sunscreen, primer and foundation with one single product.


Name: Sunkiller サンキラー BB Perfect Strong A BBパーフェクトストロングA
Price: RM 34.90 for 30 ml
@cosme rating: 4.3
Release date: 1.2.2012

Ideal for outdoor activities, this waterproof sunscreen boasts four skincare ingredients: Hyaluronic Acid, Collagen, Lipidure and Royal Jelly Extract.

It is a medium ochre colour and swatches very dark. Once on my face, it lightens tremendously and seems to suit my skin tone unless I am too heavy handed which leaves me with visible, telltale signs of a colour mismatch.

It has a runny watery texture so it glides easily and evenly across the skin. I find the oil control to be better than the average sunscreen (not that it claims to mattify but I like my sunscreens to tame my oilies). My T-zone begins to show some dewiness at the third hour mark. Surprisingly enough, it doesn't get any oilier than that if I decide to forgo blotting.

Coverage is minimal at best. It enhances my skin tone without concealing major issues. This sunscreen can't replace my regular foundation but on lazy days, having this on is better than nothing.

Another point in its favour is the lack of a scent. Sunkiller specifically developed a fragrance free formula when they decided an overhaul was needed (the first version was released back in 2010).

You can often find BB Perfect Strong A for 15% off at Guardian and Watsons, which is where I bought mine.

The full ingredient list:


Mizu said...

This sounds good..sometimes I wanted something lighter on everyday basis when I'm too lazy about everything..but never tried any tinted moisturizer type..

Raimar Guevara said...

I really like this BB cream your bottle is very nice, but the color is quite dark but I think I could use it in summer. For something looks tanned but I do not know.

나니 (시언) said...

I swear to god you are the perfect source for Asian brand reviews. I'm always at Olive Young trying to find some of the stuff you talk about >__< hehehehe! I will deff. do a review of the All Kill mascara I got today! Have you tried it? : D

steph said...

this is some intense sunscreen. the packaging looks pretty too...different isnt it

Makeup Morsels said...

hahah I love the name of this brand. SUNKILLER. It just sounds so intense! I don't think that shade would match me, but it does sound like a cool product. And I'm totally in love with the packaging lol, I think partly because you shot it with those pretty glowy pearls!

Popblush said...

I've seen Sunkiller sunscreens but this BB one is new to me! I like that it's tinted and it claims to have great skincare benefits. Because I have dry skin, I am not sure if this will work for me as good as it does for you but I wouldn't mind giving this a try! Great review!

Naddo said...

Oh my. I've been trying to find Sunkiller sunscreen wherever I went to, may I know which specific location (Guardian Pharmacy and Watsons) where you bought this BB sunscreen ?? Thanks in advance!!

Bijin Blair said...

Hi Naddo! I recall seeing it on the shelves in Watsons Pavilion and Sungei Wang when I made my usual monthly drugstore pilgrimage a few weeks ago. Hope this helps!