Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Sampar So Much To Dew Midnight Mask

I came to know about Sampar from Maquia, my all time favourite Japanese beauty magazine. Its overall aesthetic and availability in Malaysia are reasons enough to set me off in a flurry of excitement.

If you follow my Instagram account, you would have already seen a showcase of this French brand's family portrait. Haha! The first review honour goes to So Much To Dew Midnight Mask. I must confess, it took a lot of hemming and hawing before selecting it from my enchanting array of products.

So Much to Dew Midnight Mask is a uniquely concentrated skin care that nearly perfectly mimics the skin's original hydrating film. Starting from the first night, this mask replenishes your skin, soaking it in freshness.

So Much to Dew Midnight Mask is suitable for dry skin, normal skin, combination skin, oily skin and sensitive skin. (Source: sampar.my/)

Name: Sampar サンパー So Much to Dew Midnight Mask ウルトラ モイスチュア ミッドナイトマスク
Price: RM 166 for 50 ml
Made in: France

This mask is made up from a combination of Smart Hydrating Complex to lock water within cutaneous cells, Hyaluronic Acid Capsules for in-depth hydration, Glucosamine-6 to stimulate the natural synthesis of hyaluronic acid and an Urban Advance complex (a blend of shea butter serum, probiotic sugar and mint endorphin) as an anti-pollution shield to reactivate the skin's vital functions.

It promises 31% more moisturisation within an hour, with best results if used overnight as the last step in your skincare routine. It serves as a sleeping mask and if you are familiar with Korean skincare, you would have heard of this term. Do remember to wash it off the next day.

It comes in a squeeze tube with a built-in brush for effortless application. Personally, I think this feature unnecessary and unhygienic. I don't find myself using the brush to slather the mask, instead, I squeeze a dollop onto my palm, warm it and work it onto my face with my fingers.

The creamy gel texture spreads easily and feels cooling on the skin. The olfactory stimuli from the fresh and light floral fragrance further helps to soothe, making this mask a pleasure to use.

After using it overnight for two weeks straight, my skin feels supple, looks brighter than ever (I read that lack of hydration causes skin to appear dull) and the mask has even helped to minimise the appearance of my orange peel pores.

I know you guys have marveled over my moisture level device, so here is it, putting So Much To Dew Midnight Mask to the test.



Immediate plumping!

It is a lifesaver for dehydrated skins like myself and I think that it will be a fantastic addition for those needing to amp up their winter skincare regimens.

Sampar is sold at Parkson Sunway Pyramid and Robinsons The Gardens.

The full ingredient list for So Much to Dew Midnight Mask:

Disclosure: Press sample.


Popblush said...

I really like skincare that has a cooling effect - which is why I like to keep my skincare items in the fridge when I can ^_^ This seems like an awesome hydrating product - and your moisture measurer is so cool~! LOL! I actually agree with you about the brush applicator - at least if you can detach it and wash the brush it could have been more hygienic. Thanks for the review!

Lifeandlensofbeauty said...

the name sounds really nice XD "So much to dew"!!! now i wish they sell it here haha!