Saturday, December 15, 2012

Gmarket Fashionista

Gmarket, how I love you! I managed to scrounge up some warm weather fashion picks thanks to a few sellers that have yet to obliterate them from their listings. Winter has arrived in many countries yet it is still warm as a pie fresh out of the oven in Southeast Asia.

Mint top

Top (주)라라엘 | Shorts 리얼코코

Seller: (주)라라엘
Colour: Mint 민트
Estimated weight: 0.37 kg

Black top

Outerwear 더 나크21 | Top (주)라라엘 | Trousers H&M | Necklace Taobao

Seller: (주)라라엘
Colour: Black 블랙
Estimated weight: 0.37 kg

Dark purple cardigan

Outerwear 니트빈 | Top Uniqlo | Shorts H&M

Seller: 니트빈
Colour: Dark purple
Estimated weight: 0.46 kg

Ivory shorts

Top (주)라라엘 | Shorts 리얼코코

Seller: 리얼코코
Colour: Ivory 아이보리
Estimated weight: 0.62 kg

Green tea latte

Seller: (주)천마하나로
Selection: Green tea latte 녹차라떼
Estimated weight: 0.50 kg

The 20% off on fashion items was the icing on the cake!!

Anyone shopped on Gmarket recently?


L e n a said...

not recently but i did buy a couple of things from 리얼코코 before! they have cute stuff.
for me, Gmarket is an endless pit. once i start, i can spend hours and hours shopping until i get dizzy with all the flashes. lol

super nice picks! :)

ecartman10 said...

OMGoodness, you're so petitie! I have to agree with the others, the first two are my favorites.
I received an e-mail notification that you left a comment, but the comment never showed up on the blog itself. Blogger is weird sometimes! I was close enough to go home after scaring my friends, but I liked being outside at night. :)

Jennifer Huang said...

cute picks :D I have yet to brave the gmarket site XD i can still barely look at it for 1/2 an hour without feeling im gonna seize up~ :(

diana.paperdollrevenge said...

Your pics look great! I honestly thought they were the model pics from Gmarket. You're soooo thin! I'm jelly, hehe. The mint top is a great color on you. I envy your warm weather and year round summer, hehe. How's the green tea latte? I need a replacement for my Maxim Cafe brand. =P

Makeup Morsels said...

That mint top is really cute! But then I got distracted by the green tea latte hahaha, one of my favorite drinks :)