Friday, December 28, 2012

Etude House Missing U, I Can Fly Eastern Grass Owl Hand Cream

Originally I thought that I could do without a hand cream from the latest Etude House Missing U, I Can Fly series as I have an unnumbered amount of hand creams decorating my bedside table. Well, my resistance was for naught when I read the article below:

We always cook up excuses after buying the latest products but this time around, knowing that a part of the profit will be allocated to the UNEP Korean Commission justifies the purchase. I only wish that the percentage of the profit donated is revealed?

The Eastern Grass Owl's plight is voiced by SHINee's Onew in the commercial film. He is not favourite member by far and the jar pales in comparison with the others. So why did I choose it?

From left:
✤ Kakapo: Sunny sunny apple scent
✤ Eagle Owl: Berry berry cherry scent
✤ Cerulean Warbler: Sweet cotton candy scent
✤ Eastern Grass Owl: Peach peach peach scent

According to the promotional blurb, the Eastern Grass Owl cream is designated with a peach scent. Since I adore peaches, I decided to be sensible and go for substance over looks. Haha!

Name: Etude House 에뛰드하우스 Missing U 미씽유 Eastern Grass Owl 가면올빼미 Hand Cream 핸드크림
Price: ₩ 5,500 for 30 ml
Release: November 2012
Made in: Korea

The real deal however did not live up to my expectations. It smells like sweet baby powder. In fact, I can't detect anything remotely peach-like from the aroma.

Its unique blend of organic ingredients (shea butter, asiatic pennywort, aloe, lavender, lemon verbena, marshmallow root and chamomile) and 4-free formula (no parabens, sulphates, ethanol and mineral oil) makes it a super rich, luxurious treat for the hands.

The texture feels like a solidified cream yet once it leaves the pot, it melts into my hands. It spreads easily. More is better in regards to this hand cream. Using a little product is insufficient to meet my needs.

With - Without

This cream has pretty good staying power. It lasts throughout the night without having to reapply. It helps my hands bounce back from daily wear and tear leaving them smooth and soft to touch. I also started using it on my elbows and knees.

The only downside besides the scent, is the slight film of oil left but after a while it eventually sinks in. I bought two other variations because I like Eastern Grass Owl even though it pales in comparison to the marvel that is L'Occitane's Cherry Blossom Hand Cream (smells awful though).

In addition, they were on sale for US$ 3.90 shipped each so, I would be doing myself a disservice if I passed up!

The full ingredient list:

(Source: Promotional images are from


The Unprofessional Beauty Blog said...

This hand cream is just way too cute :) Just found your blog and really like it. I'm a new follower now.

diana.paperdollrevenge said...

Mine can't fly? =( jk I think these are the best looking of the Missing U seasons! What a shame that Onew's Eastern Owl doesn't smell peachy. At least you got the Kakapo and Eagle Owl! Now you just need Taeminnie's foxy one and your collection will be complete. ;)

Lifeandlensofbeauty said...

LOL @ unnumbered amount of handcreams! can totally relate to that XD i'm about to finish Etude House Hand Bouquet soon!

Joey said...

Sho cute!!

Here to say I've enjoyed your posts and looking forward to more in 2013.
Happy New Year, Blair!

Miruku said...

These are definitely on my shopping list! Eh hand creams aren't the greatest quality but they look sooooo cute on my desk!

MizzJ said...

Omg these are so cute!! I would buy them just for the packaging :D I do agree about the L'Occitane hand cream. Every time I put the Cherry Blossom cream on, my bf always insists on opening the window b/c of the overly strong perfume smell!

Mizu said...

I had the blue one and I agree with you..the smells aren't great like other Etude House product but it kinda cheap so no big deal.

Blair said...

Do you own any of the other variations? I got to sniff Cerulean Warbler at an Etude House outlet recently and it's my favourite out of the bunch!

Mizu said...

I'm yet to drop by Etude..I bought mine from qoo10 so I just bought mine based on yes...Did the Cerulean Warbler smells great among others? I thought the pink would be better..

Blair said...

In my humble opinion, scent wise, Cerulean Warbler > Eagle Owl > Eastern Grass Owl > Kakapo