Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Mamonde Brightening Cover Watery Cushion SPF50+ PA+++

The spring cleaning bug has invaded. I have been furiously purging, scrubbing and organising. Me taking a break by reviewing my brand new Mamonde cushion is an attempt at staying sane throughout it all.

Name: Mamonde 마몽드 Brightening Cover Watery Cushion 브라이트닝 커버 워터리 쿠션 SPF50+ PA+++
Price: RM 90 for 15 g
Made in: Korea

This cushion delivers a cooling sensation during application, as if it is dousing my skin with moisture. The matte finish was a surprise; I thought that it'd be more luminous with a name like Brightening Cover Watery Cushion.

Well, to its credit, the coverage is rather considerable - it dials down the bits that I can't be bothered by (redness, discolouration and such). For things that really vex me, for example, chronic dark circles and severe hyperpigmentation, this alone won't cut it.

Now on to the part where I have to throw shade: the inclusive waterfit puff causes the cushion to pool in pores, cling to dry patches and look cakey. I can't even begin to describe how horrifying it was to see myself in the mirror!

After a couple of false starts, I had the sense to apply this cushion with my own sponge applicator. Guess what? All of these problems disappeared!

Discard the puff and use something else. It is more trouble than it's worth.

I featured shade No.21N Medium Beige in this post, but I am more of a No.23N Natural Beige. If you are looking for a cushion for the warmer months, then you could do a lot worse than this one. Find all five shades at all Mamonde beauty counters as well as 11street.my and lazada.com.my for RM 90.

The full ingredient list for Brightening Cover Watery Cushion SPF50+ PA+++:
정제수, 사이클로펜타실록산, 부틸렌글라이콜디카프릴레이트/디카프레이트, 징크옥사이드, 에칠헥실메톡시신나메이트, 티타늄디옥사이드 (CI 77891), 티타늄디옥사이드, 사이클로헥사실록산, 피이지-10디메치콘, 어성초추출물, 글리세린, 나이아신아마이드, 라우릴피이지-9폴리디메칠실록 시에칠디메치콘, 메칠메타크릴레이트크로스폴리머, 아크릴레이트/에칠헥실아크릴레이트/디메치콘메타크릴레이트코폴리머, 디메치콘, 디메치콘/폴리글리세린-3크로스폴리머, 디소듐이디티에이, 디스테아디모늄헥토라이트, 멘틸락테이트, 부틸렌글라이콜, 소듐클로라이드, 수선화비늘줄기추출물, 스테아릭애씨드, 알루미늄하이드록사이드, 에칠헥실글리세린, 카프릴릴글라이콜, 트리메칠실록시실리케이트, 트리에톡시 카프릴릴실란, 폴리메칠메타크릴레이트, 폴리포스포릴콜린글라이콜아크릴레이트, 황색산화철, 적색산화철, 흑색산화철, 향료.

Disclosure: Press sample.


Princess Neverland said...

I have heard people praising their waterfit puff but your verdict is always unbiased and reliable. That's really bad if you need to get new puff separately and the coverage is just so-so. Thanks for the review, it helps me to save some bucks, I was thinking to buy this for my friend. Going to remove this from my to-buy list hoho!

Happy Chinese New Year Bijin Blair!

Bijin Blair said...

Thank you, that is the best compliment ever! You just made my day!!

Actually, the coverage isn't poor at all; that said, it really depends on your skin's condition. Personally, I would moan more at the lack of a glow, because matte finishes can be rather flat.

I can't store my own sponge which is shaped like a beautyblender in the compact, so the whole shebang is a nightmare to transport but other than that, the cushion has treated me rather well.

Wishing you and your family a happy and prosperous Chinese New Year ❤

Tiziana Puccetti said...

lovely cushion!!! :)