Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Philips StyleCare Prestige Auto Curler

Consistent curls from the front to the back of the head can be challenging because we don't have the same field of vision or length of reach when styling our own hair. Guess what? The new Philips StyleCare Prestige Auto Curler overcomes this challenge!

The Philips StyleCare Prestige Auto Curler possesses a number of unique features such as a longer curling barrel, two smart curling guards and an open vertical design. Combined, these features make bouncy, uniformly-shaped curls a reality.

Increased curling surface
It features a longer barrel with 113% more curling surface, which enables us to style twice as much hair in one go.

Innovative open design
The innovative open design is shaped vertically, so that it follows the natural flow of long hair. This means there is less chance of the hair becoming trapped in the device!

Smart curling guards
The two smart curling guards ensures the section of hair being styled is perfectly wrapped around the curling barrel of the device, therefore creating perfectly uniform curls.

Simply switch on the curler to warm up, section out the correct amount of hair and hold the curler with the front facing you. Then insert the hair into the curling chamber, starting from the back of the appliance. Stretch the hair strand so it is tight, before pressing and holding the curl button. This will cause the hair to slowly wrap around the curling barrel where it will then be curled in the curling chamber. Once the curl is ready you will hear a series of beeps telling you to release the hair, leaving you with a perfectly styled ringlet.

The Philips StyleCare Prestige Auto Curler is priced at RM 629 and is available at the Philips Brand Store in Publika Shopping Gallery and The Gardens Mid Valley, both in Kuala Lumpur, and in Sutera Mall, Johor Bahru; at Philips Experience Stores in Menara Axis, Petaling Jaya and in Penang; at retail partners and distributor stores nationwide, and online via the Philips Online Shop at shop.philips.com.my.

Settings: 10s and 190℃

For further information, visit philips.com.my.