Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Chuu Beige Hard Finish Eye Brow #253 Dark Brown

I heaved a sigh of relief when I discovered that I needn't sharpen Hard Finish Eye Brow with a blade for a regular sharpener will do as well. I heard too many horror stories of people butchering their pencils when they do it themselves, so I have stayed away from hard formulas until now.

Name: Chuu Beige Hard Finish Eye Brow #253 Dark Brown
Price: ₩ 10,000
Made in: Korea

From what I read, the lead only deposits colour pigments when it comes in contact with the oils in the brow hairs. I tested it on the back of my hand and there was barely any colour being released.

The results? A natural wash of colour that will never look overly harsh. It also glosses over imperfections, namely, extending the tail, covering a gap and sharpening an arch. Plus, it doesn't budge once applied, staying put all day long. Even beginners will find it difficult to mess up with this formula!



This is a long pencil that should last a pretty good while even with constant sharpening (just saying, not that you need to!). Find it at en.chuu.co.kr for US$ 12.

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