Thursday, December 10, 2015

Moonlab Real Cooling Thermometer Mask Moisture Supply

Moonlab Real Cooling Thermometer Mask is specifically designed to moisturise and effectively lower the temperature of overheated skin. It contains Alaskan glacial water, carbonated water and liquid ice to maintain skin elasticity, and to leave skin looking radiant.


Name: Moonlab 문랩 Real Cooling Thermometer Mask Moisture Supply 리얼쿨링 온도계마스크 수분충전 1박스
Price: ₩ 28,000 for 1 box (25 ml ×4)
Made in: Korea

Made from fermented coconut water, the gelatinous bio-cellulose material conforms to fit my facial contours (like second skin!). After 30 minutes, I legitimately felt my dry flakes falling off, heh heh! My skin sucked every last bit of the essence in and I am of the opinion that this mask would bring life back to the driest of skins!

My face was enveloped in a cooling sensation the moment I slapped this mask on, and to my delight, it didn't diminish in intensity at all. And, as a bonus, the soothing scent lulled me into a doze, which is a testament of its abilities (other masks keep me alert enough to clunk away at my keyboard). Disclaimer: the scent really had nothing to do with its amazing moisturising properties!

I am tucking away the remaining three sachets in my drawer and will only whip it out in the midst of the Lunar New Year celebrations (over here, the LNY usually heralds the onset of warmer weather). I know I live in the tropics, and you may think that the sun shines on me all year long, but even I experience cooler (29℃ instead of the usual 35℃) weather from November to January due to the non-stop rain.

Anyone knows where I can buy this marvelous jewel? I am more than willing to brave dodgy retailers for a goodly dose of cooling (and moisturising)!

The full ingredient list for Real Cooling Thermometer Mask Moisture Supply:

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