Sunday, November 15, 2015

Hanaka Secret Warm Hair Serum

Name: Hanaka 花戀肌 Secret Warm Hair Serum 艷后密製熱油護髮精華
Price: NT$ 299 for 50 ml
UrCosme rating: 5.4
Made in: Taiwan

Hanaka's Secret Warm Hair Serum is the only item that made it on the blog from the luggage full of products that I heaved back from Taiwan. What is the point in buying so many things when you can't even show them off introduce them? Haha!

I have been battling with dried ends all this while so that I could show you guys a somewhat full bottle *coughs* Fineee, I am kidding! I have other hair products in rotation, although none are half as good.

Secret Warm Hair Serum comes in an oil form. I apply it every day to nourish the ends. I have used it wet and dry and I like it either way. If I want my mane to feel more like hair and less like hay, then this is a must!!

Besides the inexpensive NT$ 299 price tag, I also like this serum for its smell. SO ridiculously good. I don't know if it is because of the Argan Oil content because I don't know how it smells like. If you see someone suspicious snuffling by Josie Maran's stand in Sephora in the near future, it is most likely me.

I gave Josie Maran's incredibly popular 100% Pure Argan Oil a good sniff and Secret Warm Hair Serum smells nothing like it. I am guessing that the other ingredients play a larger part in determining the outcome... either that or fragrance is added in.

I purchased this serum from the 86小舖 store located at 師大夜市, where one is guaranteed to run across unfriendly BAs. They are either too busy stocking up on goods or admiring themselves in the mirror.


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