Monday, April 27, 2015

Philips Easy Natural Curler

If there's one thing I have learnt last week, is that I have not changed my hairstyle in over 5 years! I have been wearing it straight (as can be notwithstanding the humidity) all this while so a tweak in the form of Philips's Easy Natural Curler was much appreciated.


Name: Philips Easy Natural Curler
Price: RM 169
Made in: China

It is quite an unusual tulip shape with plates that automatically clip and hold a lock of hair while styling, allowing me to curl my tresses with one hand. These plates are coated with protective ceramic, which apparently ensures even heat distribution for shiny and soft hair.

To minimise hair damage, the plates can only be heated to a temperature of 200℃. Safe to say that my hair suffered through temperatures averaging 250℃ with my old styling tools, but I have learnt my lesson now, haha! I also liked not having to waffle around much before I go into a curling frenzy due to the quick 30 seconds heating up time.

I can create loose or tight curls, depending on the way I hold it. My work is a tad messy but the great thing is it can be disguised! Brush them out with the Easy Shine Ionic Styling Brush, spritz in a little texturising spray and tadaa: results that are salon worthy!

The Easy Natural Curler is really easy to use. I am remarkably clumsy so if I can wield it like a seasoned pro somewhat proficiently, so can you. Interested? It is RM 169 on

Disclosure: Press sample.


Cece Teng Teng said...

It is quite natural and nice after brushing them! :)

Yoannita90 said...

Interesting hair curler! I love curling my hair but i normally do non heat overnight curls. It looks so pretty on your hair and btw, I'm not knowledgeable about types of fabric you were asking on my previous post but i think it says polyester type blablabla haha not really help huh? :) anyway thanks for sharing!

Gen-zel said...

Interesting shape of curler, it's nice as display hehe. Love the results on your hair! I hope they have this here to so I can check it out in stores.