Monday, November 5, 2012

Burberry Beauty Autumn/Winter 2012

Cara Delevingne fronts the Burberry Autumn/Winter 2012 campaign featuring an effortlessly elegant look to reflect the mood of the Burberry Prorsum Autumn/Winter 2012 runway collection.

I had the pleasure of meeting Jazz Reen and Burberry's make-up artist Adrian at KLCC slightly over a week ago. Adrian gave me a makeover as per Cara's look and was really detailed in explaining the products applied on my face.

The products used in order:-

◆ Fresh Glow
◆ Velvet Foundation Trench No.201*
◆ Sheer Concealer Rosy Beige No.03 and Light Beige No.01
◆ Sheer Powder Porcelain No.01

◆ Eye Definer Midnight Brown No.02
◆ Sheer Eye Shadow Dark Sable No.23*, Mulberry No.24* and Porcelain White No.25*
◆ Effortless Mascara Midnight Black No.01

◆ Light Glow Earthy Blush No.7

◆ Lip Definer Dusty Rose No.2
◆ Lip Cover Sepia Pink No.32*
◆ Lip Glow Nude Glow No.15

My verdict? I loved my makeover and the products are just amazing!

Fresh Glow is a must for those looking for a natural and dewy glow. Velvet Foundation feels feather light on the skin and so comfortable on. And of course my prep wouldn't be complete without Rosy Beige to neutralize the blue hue of my dark circles and Light Beige for a touch of luminosity.

The eyeshadows blew me away with its colour payoff, complexity and silky smooth texture.

Dark Sable - Mulberry - Porcelain White

Dark Sable - Mulberry - Porcelain White

Before removing my eye makeup some nine hours after my makeover, I noticed that I had minimal creasing on my oily lids - and Adrian only used Midnight Brown as a base. Colour me impressed!

Earthy Blush has just enough warmth to ensure it looks very natural on the skin. I never would have thought that it will flatter as a blush, but obviously I was wrong.

The lip combo of Dusty Rose with Sepia Pink dabbed over it and Nude Glow patted on middle of my lips - deep rosy pouty perfection.

Mocha Glow* - Sepia Pink

Mocha Glow - Sepia Pink

As reward for sticking with me to the end of this entry, I have a makeover voucher for you to win. You will get to experience Burberry Beauty at its best.

If you are interested, you have until Thursday to e-mail me with your particulars and I will pick a winner at random. I hope you will enjoy your makeover as much as I did. Giveaway ended - thank you!

Do you like anything from this collection? Have you checked it out at your local counters?

* The products marked are from the Autumn/Winter 2012 collection


L e n a said...

these are some great shades of brown!
they look lovely on you. ;)

Denysia said...

Love the lip color! :)

Joey said...

Nice! I like Sepia Pink.
I'd love to join the giveaway and experience a makeover by Burberry, but I'm not sure when the promo ends as I'll be going away for a bit. Hope the winner will enjoy it muchies!

Blair said...

Awww, there is always another time. And I hope you enjoy your trip!

m said...

ooh it looks like a good collection! love the browns. :]