Monday, October 8, 2012

Beauty Gadgets

The title summarises my content well enough, so let's get to it!

Ion cleanser
Hitachi FaceCrie Ion Cleanser NC-561 deep cleanses your skin in three minutes. It utilises positive ions to draw dirt/environmental pollutants in the form of negatively charged ions.

NC-561 is a no-frills travel friendly version of the pricier CM-N1000 model and is 1.4× more efficient than the popular NC-550 model (the very device that started this ion cleansing trend). It comes with a Japanese plug with a universal voltage compatibility. Note that the plug might not fit the sockets in certain countries, so be on the look out for an adapter.

Skin analyser
SK-III uses electrical current to determine the moisture level of your skin.

I have always been curious about the efficacy of the lotions, serums and moisturisers that I use and now I have a gadget that backs up or refutes their claims. Naturally it will be heavily featured in my skincare reviews.

Electrical massager
Relax & Tone is marketed as a slimming massager. It can oscillate up to 2,500 rpm and this movement will purportedly slim, tone and relax.

I have only started using it, so I have yet to form an opinion on its effectiveness. Fingers crossed that I will never have to step foot into a gym after this haha!

Do you own any beauty gadgets?


Nani said...

So fancy! D:

Maggie said...

These sound really cool! Looking forward to your thoughts on them~ :)

Nic Nic from Bangbangsheshoots said...

Ohh Ive had the Hadacrie for some time now.. the novelty has worn off for me .. I'll try and get back into since I have new toners to use up!

Nice gadget haul! electrical face massagers are very popular in the Japan!

Anaïs / Sasha said...

Ohhh Beauty gadgets! I really want to buy some Hada Crie things...I still don't know which one. Some blogger friends have the Hada Crie CM810 and they love it! (but damn, it's so expensive haha!)

Blair said...

Awww, I'm sure it will be a worthy investment!

Blair said...

My Face Crie has been with me since May and I still use it religiously haha! What toners did you buy? You know I love your recommendations ^^