Monday, July 23, 2012

Coordinates With Whitesoot

I never post coordinates. Why you ask? Lack of a tripod/photographer, a full length mirror, space in my overcrowded room and etc... Anyways, I have figured out a way around these problems, so let me know in the comment section what you think about the pictures!

For reference, I am 165 cm short and 46 kg fat.

Skater Dress With One-shoulder Pleat Detail

Stock photo.

Actual item.

Dress Whitesoot Necklace H&M Bracelets Vintage

Item number: D0747
Price: RM 69

The material is sturdy, thick and so comfortable to wear. If you are bigger than a UK 6, the fit will probably be too snug for you since the dress only comes in one size.

On the whole, I would say yes! But that is because I am a biased judge who is in love with the silhouette haha~

Overall rating: ★★★★★☆☆

Draped Longline Asymmetrical Blouse

Stock photo.

Actual item.

Top Whitesoot Shorts BCKO Belt Taobao

Item number: T0615
Price: RM 53

It is a soft flowy material and I thought that it would be stiffer/would hold its shape well from the promotional picture. It is way bigger than expected but still great for a casual day with shorts or jeans.

Before I forget, it is a no go for those who dislike or hate the whole process of ironing clothes.

Overall rating: ★★★★☆☆☆

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Disclosure: Press samples.


Rick said...

Is it International Opposite Day??? That's the only day you'd be short and fat. The pics turned out great, except you accidentally cut off the head. =)

Huong said...

You're tiny! :) Which is a good thing, that means you can fit into most cute clothes.

I like how you've teamed it with a skirt. I personally think that it looks better.

ANh said...

love the black dress :)

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I appreciate your feedbacks :)

Katherine Tealeaf said...

Even without a photographer/tripod etc, your photos are really good, they're very well lit which is nice for showing off your outfit. :]

Maggie said...

The silhouette of the dress is beeeeautiful! So classic and chic (especially since it's black too).

plue suewin said...

166cm and weigh only 44kg? omg blair-sama, you is stick thin! me wants but will never attain LOL

Suki said...

That metallic skirt is soooo dreamy! I love its shape! You have a wondeful figure!!!

- Suki

shinyprettythings said...

sorry but i dont see the fat. what sort of magical photoshopping are u doing? HAHAHAHA both look lovely on you!!! esp love the black dress

Hana said...

Blair!!how are you?! Oh my have i replied you before?if not im soooo sorry.i rarely update my facebook except when i upload my baby pics lol. Im still doing my business but at a slower pace because of the baby.How are you doin?thanks so much for dropping by to say hi. Ive nt you a riend request pls add me :) 

Joey said...

Short and fat? Boy, I feel like a beach whale now :P You look thin in the pictures, hun. And the dress looks great on you. Shows off your sillhouette nicely.

Thanks for introducing the website to us :)

Alex said...

i actually really appreciate this coordinate post!!! i really like it when bloggers do this because i can clearly see the difference between a studio/professional/highly edited pic and how it looks on a real person! the first dress definitely looks great. i loveee classy black dresses. thanks for this post!

diana.paperdollrevenge said...

44 kg fat?! *snorts* lol We're almost the same height but you're much, much lighter and thinner than me! I could tackle you, lolol.

I love the black dress on you the most! The look is classic and the silhouette is just lovely. Great choice!

The pictures look really good considering all the things you had to work around! (I totally know what you mean and have the same problems too.)