Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Ettang Collagen & The Peppermint Modeling Take-Out Cup Pack

The latest Korean innovation to hit SaSa is the Ettang Modeling Take-Out Cup Pack! It uses the best raw materials to moisturise the skin without causing irritation.

Name: Ettang 이땅 Modeling Take-out Cup Pack 모델링 Take-out 컵팩
Price: ₩ 4,000 for 17 g
Made in: Korea

By adding water, the powder turns into a goopy mixture, which you would then whack on your face. The mixture will change its colour accordingly (Collagen takes on an ivory hue whereas The Peppermint turns pale green). There are 8 different flavours altogether:

✤ Acerola
✤ Charcoal
✤ Chlorella
✤ Collagen
✤ Paper Mulberry
✤ Propolis
✤ The Peppermint
✤ Yogurt

Collagen 콜라겐, with its 18 Amino Acids, promises to supply nutrition to the skin and boost skin elasticity.

Collagen in action!

The Peppermint 페퍼민트 soothes, relieves and refreshes stressed skin with Tea Tree and Mint Extracts.

The Peppermint becoming dough-like

It takes the pack 20 minutes to make my skin feel so much smoother and softer. It comes off easily and in one piece - rather like the thick rubbery masks that the aestheticians peel off after a session at the salon. I think it will be great as a quick perk-up before an important event.

A cup is meant for one use although you can split the amount given in half and keep it for the next time the urge to mask overcomes you. But then you may have to deal with a mask with a thinner consistency (ergo making it more taxing to remove) so you will have to juggle ease of use versus thriftiness...

Overall, I really liked this and thought it was so much fun! It is not as convenient as regular wash off masks but it does have its benefits. You will just have to weigh the pros and cons before you plonk down the cash. And at RM 12.90 a pop at all SaSa stores nationwide, there will not be much to consider, haha!

Disclosure: Press samples.


nlngstar said...

can't wait to try out. My hubby got me the collagen one as part of the X'mas gifts. weee... hopefully the collagen works!

Bijin Blair said...

Hey babe, how is it going? Have you used the collagen one yet?

I came across Lamy Cosmetics's Real 97% Rice Paper Eating Mask Pack recently and let me tell you, it is REALLY good for something so unassuming. Try it if possible!