Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Gmarket Beauty Calender

Have you seen the Beauty Calender section in Gmarket and wondered what it does?

It notifies you when your favourite brands will be discounted!

Beauty Calender for December 2013

I prefer purchasing items directly from the brand itself so I am including some official minishop links in this entry just in case you have been looking around for one:
Amore Pacific
Banila Co
Beauty People Makeup
Club Clio
CNP Laboratory
Dr Jart
Etude House
Holika Holika
It's Skin
Label Young
LG Household & Health Care
Nature Republic
Secret Key
The Face Shop
The Saem
Tony Moly

Some search terms to look out for:
Coogi - 쿠지
Hanskin - 한스킨
Pihyunjeong - 피현정
Secret Nature - 시크릿네이처
So'natural - 쏘내추럴

Let me know if I missed out any brands in the comments section. I will update my list accordingly!

In other news, I often times notice search results with the words Gmarket sender directed to my blog. I am going to address this question on this article, you can write type anything/anyone you desire to be the sender: yourself, Gmarket or even your favourite Korean celebrity as seen in my case.

Yeah, INFINITE's L (Kim Myung-soo) haha!

Have you ever made a purchase from Gmarket? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Lashem™ Review: Picture Perfect Anti-Wrinkle Cream, 3-in-1 Eye Bright

They say the eyes are the windows to the soul.. as you can see (a pun haha!) it is very important to keep that fragile area in the best condition possible. After all, you would not want your eye bags/circles/lines to be the first thing people notice when they meet you right?

Thanks to Lashem™ I got to try TWO eye creams! Eye creams are notoriously expensive and they can easily cost twice as much compared to the average moisturizer..


Picture Perfect Anti-Wrinkle Cream

Name: Lashem™ Picture Perfect Anti-Wrinkle Cream
Price: US$ 38 for 15 ml
Made in: USA

How to use:
Dab a thin layer on the area around your eyes after your morning cleansing routine. Let dry completely before applying makeup for face creams. Use on a daily basis for a long term effect. (Source:

This eye cream is infused with vitamins and minerals and nourishes as well as aids in increasing elasticity. It does not seem to do a thing for elasticity, but it is moisturising enough without causing milia.

The formula is runny and it takes some light patting before it absorbs. It wears well under makeup and does not cause foundation or concealer to ball up.

The full ingredient list for Picture Perfect Anti-Wrinkle Cream:

3-in-1 Eye Bright

Name: Lashem™ 3-in-1 Eye Bright
Price: US$ 39.99 for 15 ml
Made in: USA

How to use:
Apply in the evening after your cleansing routine and gently smooth the formula to the area around the eye. Let formula dry completely before bed. (Source:

It is supposed to de-puff and rejuvenate the appearance of tired eyes for a brighter and refreshed look. The consistency is gel-like, it goes on smoothly and is easily absorbed by the skin.

I didn't notice any significant brightening effect nor a dramatic difference to my under eye area however prolonged usage did help in reducing the appearance of fine lines.

The full ingredient list for 3-in-1 Eye Bright:

These eye creams come with a pump which make them much more hygienic. The only downside to the opaque packaging is that you cannot tell how much product is left in the bottle.

I prefer 3-in-1 Eye Bright because it actually did something and the lighter texture is much more to my liking. I will purchase it after I am done with my current bottle, that is if I do not get distracted by other eye creams in the market.

Disclosure: Press samples.