Thursday, March 28, 2013

Etude House I Can Fly Hand Creams Review: Kakapo, Cerulean Warbler, Eagle Owl

I caved in and finally purchased my final piece - Cerulean Warbler - to complete my collection. I am not getting anymore hand creams for the entire year! Please smack me if you come across me buying new ones?

Name: Etude House 에뛰드하우스 Missing U 미씽유 Hand Cream 핸드크림
Price: ₩ 5,500 for 30 ml
Release: November 2012
Made in: Korea

Kakapo 카카포

One would immediately think of DKNY's Be Delicious when apple scents are mentioned. Kakapo is tart like sour candies... not remotely near the aroma of a real apple or Be Delicious by a long shot. Scents are obviously not Etude House's forte. Haha!

Cerulean Warbler 파랑새

Etude House outdid themselves with Cerulean Warbler. The scent is light, pleasing and remarkably similar to baby powders.

Eagle Owl 수리부엉이

Eagle Owl is not sickeningly sweet or awful like cough syrup, which is a relief because cherry scents are notoriously hard to replicate. It takes after Cerulean Warbler, aside from being stronger and has more floral undertones. If you like Cerulean Warbler, you are sure to enjoy Eagle Owl.

Since everyone resonates with different scents, I would suggest that you sniff them at an Etude House outlet first instead of buying blindly like what I did.

My verdict:
#1 Cerulean Warbler
#2 Eagle Owl
#3 Eastern Grass Owl
#4 Kakapo

You can read about the consistency and longevity of these creams in my detailed review for Eastern Grass Owl 가면올빼미. The details are all there and these creams are similar to each other in almost all aspects save the aroma so its redundant to repeat the same things all over again.

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illy ariffin said...

I am joining the give away, who can resist cute looking owl that store yummy smeeling hand cream right? haha :)

Thank you for hosting this cute giveaway Blair!

Good luck to everyone :)

lie-ying said...

Thanks for this giveaway, I'm a huge fan of etude house's hand creams! They are so cute! ^^

Cheryl Ho said...

SHOO CUUTEEE. Etude house & korean make up always have the best packaging!

Aisyah Samuin said...

cuteee~! It's been a long while since I made a visit to Etude House.. ^^