Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Chuu Beige Ampoule Glotint #132 Why Pink

I am not the hugest fan of glosses, tints or what have yous - they leave me with hair stuck to my lips every time the wind blows and what's worse, some of them taste weird (I know I am not supposed to ingest them, but it is inevitable because of my non-stop munching!).

(Source: en.chuu.co.kr/)

Name: Chuu Beige 츄 베이지 Ampoule Glotint 베이지 앰플 글로틴트 #132 Why Pink 와이핑크
Price: ₩ 17,900 for 7 g
Made in: Korea

Oh how wrong I was; I quickly found how much I loved Chuu's Beige Ampoule Glotint! It is shiny without being sticky and it doesn't taste of artificialness. On top of that, there's none of the patchiness and clumpiness that unavoidably happens after a couple of hours when the glossy sheen fades off.

The colour that I am wearing, #132 Why Pink, is a gorgeous everyday pink that goes with everything and anything. Add to this the fact that it has an flexible triangular doe foot applicator that makes application so easy, and you have the makings of a perfect tint!

And need I tell you the other advantage of this tint? Yes, the unbearably sleek packaging! There is no shame in totting it about at all! It may not have the heft traditionally associated with designer makeup but no one would be able to tell, haha!

Chuu's Beige Ampoule Glotint is available in two other shades at en.chuu.co.kr for US$ 22.

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Dee (Hanidee) said...

Have never heard of this brand either and this is such a beautiful, natural shade. Looks like a wonderful product!