Friday, July 10, 2015

May Coop Cleansing Mousse

Name: May Coop 메이쿱 Cleansing Mousse 클렌징 무스
Price: ₩ 24,000 for 150 ml
Made in: Korea

Suitable for all skin types, May Coop's Cleansing Mousse eliminates the need for washing nets. Why? The pump mechanism is able to create lots of fine bubbles! This follows the Japanese way of cleansing where they believe that only the lather should come in contact with your skin (and not your fingers/palms) to minimise the need for excessive friction.

The floral scent is excellent for inducing relaxation after a long day. It is gentle, soothing and not too strong. The cleanser contains Maple Sap, renowned for its moisturising properties due to its high glycerin content. As a result, the brand reckons that you can skip the toner and essence steps.

Dry patches emerged soon after I incorporated it into my regimen (a first for me!). It took two days to appear, then two days to worsen (my right cheek and subsequently the area above my brows) before I finally caught on and stopped all contact. It is such a shame because I was actually quite fond of it prior to my discovery; my skin felt really soft (as if I slabbed on an inch of really nourishing products all over my skin). Baffling right?

Well, on the bright side, I suppose my eczema lotion will finally come in handy *coughs* Anyways, it could be my dehydrated skin acting up or there could be something in this cleanser that does not agree with my skin. Considering how well behaved my mug has been lately, I am leaning towards the latter to be the culprit.

I may give it another trial once my skin heals and has the time to recuperate from this ordeal. Wish me luck! Ladies, check out the ingredient list before you decide whether you should give this cleanser a go - only you know what is best for your skin!

The full ingredient list for Cleansing Mousse:

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Kathy said...

Oh dear! Sorry to hear that this didn't work out for you and even worse, seemed to not agree with your skin! I hope that you heal quickly and all goes back to normal soon. Honestly, I've tried using just the foam (from a foaming net) to wash my face and I just can't do it. It somehow doesn't feel right to only have the foam touch your skin and not your fingers or hand. Take care!

Mary said...

Oh no! I'm sad this didn't work for you and that's strange that it caused so many dry patches. I usually expect that from a foam cleanser, but I thought May Coop would be different :(. I've been eyeing this product for a while on Peach and Lily and have always wanted to try it, but now I'm not so sure haha. Let me know if you ever retry it and if it works! :) Great review! <3