Saturday, June 6, 2015

Public Service Announcement: Dental Health

Interrupting my unending musings on beauty for a public service announcement~

But before that, I shall spazz over Three Meals a Day (삼시세끼) first! I find this show utterly hilarious, and the episode that aired yesterday saw Ji Sung (지성) making a guest appearance! Has anyone watched episode 4 yet?

Speaking of Ji Sung, he heads the Oral-B UltraThin Toothbrush campaign, which aims to raise awareness on gum health issues and how it can be easily addressed by choosing the right toothbrush.

Oral-B UltraThin Toothbrush comes with 100% finely tapered 0.01 mm ultra thin bristles which is 20 times thinner than normal toothbrushes. With its small 25 mm head and soft brush, it gently cleanses the gum line and removes plaque.

Used together with Pro-Health Fresh Tooth & Gum Care Mouth Rinse and Glide Pro Health Deep Clean Floss, they give you reliable, everyday protection against plaque and cavities.

Also remember that regular visits to a dentist are a must for complete, all-encompassing oral health!

Disclosure: Press samples.


Denysia Yu said...

I totally agree! I go to see my dentist at least once every 6 months! It is important to get your teeth cleaned, and to go get your regular check ups!