Sunday, May 18, 2014

Etude House Sugar Powder Nail #192, #193 & #194


Clockwise from bottom: #192 Peach Bubble Gum 봄바람난 피치풍선껌 (골드 펄), #193 Sweet Apricot Tart 달콤끈적 살구타르트 (골드 펄), #194 Mint Macaron 아껴먹는 민트마카롱

#192 - #193 - #194

Name: Etude House 에뛰드하우스 Sugar Powder Nail 슈가파우더네일
Price: ₩ 3,000 for 8 ml
Made in: Korea

It is so easy to get lost on with their cuter than a button products and convincing descriptions. And all the merrier if they are spot on trend!

These polishes come in a creme formula. #194 is the only one amongst the three without gold shimmer particles. They don't possess as much of a wow factor as glitter textured polishes but nonetheless, they are still gorgeous (if it was not clear, I consider shimmers and glitters to be different). If you have never felt textured nail polishes, just imagine your nails submerged under a layer sand. It is gritty, unique and addictive to the touch - I find myself stroking my nails at all times.

The formula is consistent across the board. All three are patchy and streaky to apply and at least three coats are needed for complete opacity. The wear time leaves much to be desired as well for I had tip wear after two short days. The only saving grace (besides the beautiful pastel colours) is the quick dry time. All in all, I would rather go for Etude House's regular formula. Now those are awesome!

Are you into texture or do you prefer a smooth, slick finish?

Disclosure: Pink Bird samples.


Her Ugliness said...

How many layers did you apply for these swatches? Because I have the purple one from this line, and it doesn't look like this at all. I only get a few of the small particles, and even with 2-3 layers it still looks very uneven and nor pretty at all. :( But on your swatches it looks really good.

Bijin Blair said...

That's strange! I did three coats each. The small particles were in abundance but they needed layering (no thanks to the patchy formula).

Yoannita90 said...

Oh Gosh!! How cute are they!!! Even though u need to layer 3 times but they look so beautiful and reminds me of macaroon! :D

Ahleessa said...

Wow, textured nails are in in Asia as well but I still like the American version. Etude House is just one color. The American version has sparkles.

Mindy said...

I am not much of a texture nail polish kind of gal, but the mildly textured ones *like liquid sands* i don't mind. I still love uber glossy polishes a lot better but OPI's Liquid Sands in Pussy Galore (the name LOL) is actually one of my all time favorite shade! This Etude House version looks cute too, i might be tempted to get them!

Gen-zel said...

Cool! not sure if we have this here already but I'll check it out. i want to try colors with texture. love the Peach Bubble Gum!