Thursday, January 2, 2014

Etude House Princess Etoinette Crystal Shine Lips PBE102, PRD302 & PPK005

We have made it to 2014 – may it bring you plenty of joy and laughter!

Now that is out of the way let's move on to some serious business - lipsticks, courtesy of Etude House.

Name: Etude House 에뛰드하우스 Princess Etoinette 프린세스 에튀아네뜨 Crystal Shine Lips 크리스탈 샤인 립스
Price: ₩ 13,000 for 3.4 g
Made in: Korea

I usually prefer my lipstick packaging to have a little bit of heft (it feels more luxurious) but can you blame me for not caring this time around? Just look at this tube!

There are three shades in this collection. Etude House usually furnishes swatches, and I am including them seeing that they provide a different perspective due to the difference in undertones.

PBE102 A Moon Flower Under the Starlight 별빛 아래 문 플라워 is a mellow apricot.

PRD302 A Sip of Bordeaux Wine 보르도 와인 한 모금 is a crimson red.

PPK005 A Noble Peony of Versailles 고귀한 베르사유 피오니 is a french fuchsia.

All three lipsticks glide smoothly on the lips (without the help of a lipbalm) and look gorgeous on. The colour payoff is sheer, but totally buildable, while remaining lightweight.

PBE102 - PRD302 - PPK005

The staying power is pretty good considering the glossy finish. They definitely need reapplying after snacking etc though. The rose scent is a delight and a refreshing change from apricot, which was the trend among the previous releases.

Crystal Shine Lips has the makings of a great lipstick, and for that, it secures a spot in the top ranks of my most loved Etude House lip products.

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Disclosure: Pink Bird samples.


LauraLeia said...

They have rose scents this time around? OKAY I NEED THESE! I'm not normally a nude lipstick kinda person but PBE102 looks really nice.

Mizu said...

eh..isn't the previous released also smelled like a rose? o.o

Bijin Blair said...

Hey Mizu! I didn't make it clear in the text, but I was referring to lipsticks and not lip products in general.

Lena L said...

They are so "Anna Sui"!
Love the purple shade on you. (and those neat paper swatches!)

Rick said...

Happy New Year--I wish you the best of everything in 2014!

Gen-zel said...

Those are pretty colors! I super like the packaging. It can also be a room decor even if they are empty :) Happy New year Blair! :)

rasilla said...

I didn't realize that they were so sheer! Now I can look in to checking these out~ Thanks for sharing :)

marilovesgr33n said...

the best shades of lipsticks are always on your blog. Have a colored and shining 2014. Your comment on my blog was the sweetest, I appreciate.

Maia Rose said...

love the packaging and the color!!definitely will try to get my hands on these lippies! great review!

Somdyuti said...

Wow.. Love the shades especially the red. It is my fave of all time. This is so fab. Looks so
gorgeous on you. And the packaging is so super-cute. Loved the review. xx

Agata Pokutycka said...

I am not a big lipstick fan but I would get one of those babies... totally adore the packaging

TheBelleAdventures said...

Oh my god these are literally the prettiest lipsticks I've ever seen! The packaging is SO adorable! :D GIG

nina said...

all of the shades look so great on you :) i especially love the nude color. as always, this brand has such great packaging..never get sick of seeing it! GIG

Nicol Wong said...

The packaging is so cute! Etude house always have cute ones. I love how pigmented the sheer coverage actually is :)

Maiko Hime said...

I love the packaging, i think i will try the red one looks gorgeous on your lips :3

Stephanie Cruz said...

These are so pretty! I would love to get my hands on an Etude product but there's not a single branch here in our city so bummer... the closest thing I ever had with an etude product was the lip balm and face masks my Korean students brought me from Korea.. #giglove