Friday, July 19, 2013

Etude House Bling In The Sea Review: Proof 10 Bling Eye Stick, Cheek Designing Brightener, Sparkling Nails

I thought I would cram the entirety of the Bling in the Sea collection in one post instead of feeding you individual snippets over the next couple of weeks. It would do me good to be more economical with my words plus I get to unleash my opinion to the world while these items are still sizzling hot. Haha!

I think I covered all bases here - eye, cheek and nail.

Proof 10 Bling Eye Stick

GR701 - OR201

Name: Etude House 에뛰드하우스 Bling in the Sea 블링인더씨 Proof 10 Bling Eye Stick 프루프10 반짝 아이 스틱
Price: ₩ 7,000 for 1.3 g
Made in: Korea

GR701 Ocean Glow 일렁이는바다빛 (pale emerald green) and OR201 Mysterious Coral 신비로운산호빛 (apricot) look really striking but are woefully inadequate to brighten the undereye area on their own. They lack the creamy, buttery application that their appearance suggest and must be layered (many times) in order to show up.

GR701 - OR201

Because of their size, they fail in the precision department. They also faded a bit after a full day of wear. These pencils have a twist-up mechanism (zero waste) and come in five shades:

Cheek Designing Brightener

Name: Etude House 에뛰드하우스 Bling in the Sea 블링인더씨 Cheek Designing Brightener 치크선 브라이트너 #01 Pink Beam 핑크빔
Price: ₩ 7,500 for 4 g
Made in: Korea

01 Pink Beam is an iridescent pale pink with a pearlescent sheen. It is labelled as a blush but this shade is just too light to show up on most. Nonetheless, you can use it to add dimension to the apples of your cheeks or on top of your blush for extra radiance.

There are two colours in total:

Sparkling Nails

Name: Etude House 에뛰드하우스 Bling in the Sea 블링인더씨 Sparkling Nails 스파클링 네일즈 BPK001 Magic Kiss 마법의키스
Price: ₩ 2,500 for 7 ml
Made in: Korea

BPK001 is loaded with fuchsia and pink hexagons as well as small gold bits. It is one of those polishes that you have to have. Not only does it it attracts the eye, it flatters every skintone, looks good after three thin coats and stays chip-free for a few days. There is no way one can go wrong with glitter polishes!

If pink is not your cup of tea, there are plenty more shades where that came from:

(Source: Promotional images are from

Disclosure: Pink Bird samples.


Isabel said...

Perhaps the bling eye sticks are meant to be used with a dark base? I have a similar product and it looks great on top of black eyeliner

rasilla said...

The shadow sticks seem like a great idea, but I have a powder version so that is good enough for me. However I do like the cheek product and the nail polish on you :)

lovechanriya said...

oh wow, the products you purchased are so beautiful and I love the shadow stick they're gorgeous!

Raquel Pinheiro said...

It looks really cute! The bling sticks are really glittery? x.x I wanted to see the golden one review x.x

MizzJ said...

The cheek brightener looks quite pretty in the photos, but IRL Is be worried it's too frosty? Your swatch looked kinda frosty.

Blair said...

Hi MizzJ! Rest assured, it's more pearly than frosty ^^