Friday, October 26, 2012

Royce Nama Chocolate [Champagne Pierre Mignon]

Royce' is a Japanese company established in 1983. Their chocolates are made from fresh Hokkaido cream and the choicest chocolate.

Nama means fresh or raw in Japanese and to ensure the chocolates stay in tip top shape, they are placed in a cooling bag with dry ice upon purchase. It is recommended for you to store them in your fridge at 10 °C for no more than a month to ensure their freshness, thereby maintaining product quality.

Nama chocolate is catered towards different audiences: the ones who like their liquor and the ones who don't haha. There are five variations in the with liquor category: Au Lait, Champagne Pierre Mignon, Bitter, White and Maccha. Whereas for without liquor, the following flavours are offered: Mild Cacao, Mild Milk, Mild White, Ghana Bitter and Ecuador Sweet.

Naturally, I went for Champagne Pierre Mignon.

Melts in the mouth.

Sweet but not overpoweringly so.

Hint of champagne that melds beautifully with the chocolate.

It definitely sates my sweet tooth in a sophisticated manner. I am in love and I want more boxes stat!!

Besides the famed Nama Chocolate, Royce' also offers other delicacies:
✤ Potato Chip Chocolate
✤ Pure Chocolate
✤ Chocolate Wafers
✤ Chocolate Bar
✤ Nutty or Fruity Bar Chocolate
✤ Prafeuille Chocolat
✤ Criollo Chocolate
✤ Cookies


Makeup Morsels said...

omggg you're making me hungry! chocolate with a hint of champagne...sounds divine. Will definitely look into these hehe

Rick said...

Hi Blair! Happy October! The chocolate looks amazing.

Nic Nic from Bangbangsheshoots said...

my inlaws must love this too.. they recent hoarded some haha

diana.paperdollrevenge said...

Ohhh sounds so sophisticated and delicious. If you are my friend, you will share! Send me some, STAT! kekeke jk but I am started to drool from this post. ;P

Lifeandlensofbeauty said...

ROYCE delicacies are always such a guilty pleasure!! love their choco-coated potato chips XD!