Saturday, February 4, 2012

Recent Gets: Accessories

As promised, here are the accessories that I purchased over the past few weeks. There are more, but I can't recall where I placed them.

H&M necklace

Leaf necklace, am undecided on extending the chain length... any thoughts?

Topshop feather earrings

Topshop chandelier earrings

H&M ring

Studded wristband

Skinny belts

Cincher belt

H&M Alice band

Polka dot fedora

Will end with a picture of my Etude House SHINee badges because I am random like that hahaha. Yes, I am missing the Taemin badge *sniff*


Kat said...

Like the Topshop Chandelier earrings but totally LOVE the black bow cincher belt. It's so cute! I really want one too!

Elizabeth King said...

Oh those are really pretty pieces! I especially love the H&M ring!

Amy Dang said...

How pretty! Everything looks so pretty! I'm super in love with the feather, the chandelier earrings, and the belts!   

L e n a said...

very nice!
my favorites are those skinny belts and the alice headband.
i'd love to see your looks with these goodies. :)

Joanne Cuaycong said...

Loving the accessories you got! :) And the SHINee pins too! 

Jess said...

These are so adorable accessories! Live the studded wristband! <3

shinyprettythings said...

ahhahaa u crazy fangirl! how much stuff did you have to buy at etude house to collect all the badges? XD

xphoebelinax said...

I love the skinny belts! I have a thing with them at the moment, especially in bright colours!

Dee said...

That H&M necklace and ring is something I would purchase myself. But I don't think my H&M has those style yet, boo. Those Topshop chandelier earrings looking lovely. 

chiihime said...

I love these chandelier earrings and Alice bands! So cute!
Nice purchases~! 
Thanks for replying the questions, sweetheart!
So you like kpop, hah? xD

Fenny (Ladies-homejournal) said...

OMG such a pretty accessories..... Love that all so much <3

wickeRmoss said...

blair, u stay where exactly in Malaysia? Might visit just a neighbor.. in SG hehe! love the badges, i mean the way you arranged them!xox