Thursday, February 9, 2012

Rainbow Rose

Lately I've been going for manicure sessions.. it's so fun getting someone else to trim and care for my nails although I despair at the manicurists' attempt to shape my nails, I want them to be square and not oval! *grrr* Since I'm overtly obsessed with my nails, there's nothing better than a post about nail polishes to reflect my current interest~

Revlon Post Trauma Nail Treatment

Name: Revlon レブロン Post Trauma Nail Treatment ポスト トラウマ ネール トリートメント
Price: ¥ 1260 for 14.7 ml
@cosme rating: 3.5
Made in: USA

Post Trauma Nail Treatment looks nude with one coat but adds a milky white tint with two coats, which is surprising since it is a pale pink shade in the bottle. It gives a nice matte finish that looks very natural on. My nails are healthier and less prone towards yellowing after I started using this treatment. A definite repurchase!

Bourjois So Laque 28 Rose Lounge

Name: Bourjois ブルジョワ So Laque ソー ラック 28 Rose Lounge
Price: S$ 9.70 for 10 ml
@cosme rating: 4.5
Release date: 27.6.2006

There is nothing special about Rose Lounge at all, unless you count that Kate Middleton wore it for her wedding. It's sheer, streaky and the colour doesn't compliment my skintone. There isn't any swatches for both Post Trauma Nail Treatment and Rose Lounge because they don't show up on my white nail wheel - a sign that I need to purchase clear ones!

Integrate Nails RD381

From left: one to three coats

Name: Integrate インテグレート Nails ネールズ RD381
Volume: 5 ml
@cosme rating: 4.8
Release date: 21.2.2008

RD381 is a wine red with a golden sheen. It applies like a dream and two coats is enough to be rid of drag marks. The lasting power very weak compared to the other nail polishes in my arsenal - it chips extremely quickly. Such a shame because I really like the consistency and the brush applicator.

OPI Nail Lacquer Don't Mess With OPI

From left: one to three coats

Name: OPI オーピーアイ Nail Lacquer ネイルラッカー Don't Mess With OPI
Volume: 15 ml
@cosme rating: 5.5
Release date: 1.2.2011

Don't Mess With OPI is a dark shamrock green. What I really like about this polish is that while vibrant, it is still very wearable. Sadly, the formula isn't up to par, it is streaky and the consistency is a touch too thick but I am still really pleased with it because it doesn't chip whatsoever.

OPI Nail Lacquer Rainbow Connection

From left: one to three coats

Name: OPI オーピーアイ Nail Lacquer ネイルラッカー Rainbow Connection
Volume: 15 ml
@cosme rating: 5.5
Release date: 1.11.2011

Rainbow Connection, a glitter infused polish packed with rainbow coloured hexagonal particles suspended in a clear base, is prettier when sparsely applied. Three coats is just too much, the whole manicure look a little messy and there's a certain thickness about it that I'm not very fond of.

Ouqian Pure Color Nail Lacquer 06

From left: one to three coats

Name: Ouqian Pure Color Nail Lacquer 06
Price: US$ 8.80 for 18 ml

06 is a solid three coater. I expected it to be sheer from its description but to my surprise it isn't at all. I would have chosen a lighter colour otherwise! That being said, 006 is a lovely chocolate brown colour and the consistency is very nice - it isn't particularly thick nor is it runny. To my delight, it wears very well and doesn't chip whatsoever.

I hope you enjoyed reading my little review, there will be more of these in the near future!


we_alive87 said...

I'm lemming OPI rainbow connection. It's soooo cute!

Anna Katharina said...

Passed by the OPI counter way too often recently and always had my eye on Rainbow Connection, your post might be a sign to finally get it lol? It's so incredibly beautiful, but I hate working glitter nail polishes T_T They're a pain to remove

Elizabeth King said...

Great Nail Review! I really liked the first swatch of OPI glitter polish. It does look a bite chunky when you applied more then one coat, but I would wear that on top of nail color.

♥pandablush♥ said...

You always take really beautiful photographs! Loving the rainbow glitters.. Must have for me! *runs off to the OPI counter* heheh!

popcorn3148 said...

I love the OPI Rainbow one. but then again I can't buy nail polishes with large glitters since they are pretty hard to remove. Maybe I'll get one when I get less lazy. :) Thxs for the swatches. 

Jennifer Huang said...

Loving the OPI rainbow connection... you're right, 3 coats looks too busy on the nail swatch >< 

xphoebelinax said...

That rainbow glitter nail polish is to die for!! I actually have the Revlon Sheer Nude or something and I really love it! I was very surprised at how good the Revlon nail polish is and how long lasting they are :D

Beauty Box said...

I never knew Kate Middleton wore Bourjois nail polish on her wedding day - for real?! I think Integrate polishes are great too...v cheap as well...I actually prefer small bottles for nail polish because I don't think I have ever finished a full-sized OPI one ever...

q0q0 said...

The OPI Rainbow Connection is so pretty~
i love the Green OPI too =O

Rinny said...

I really like the red and the glitter ones! I bet they would make for a great holiday look paired together :)

Makeup Morsels said...

so many pretty nail polishes!  The Post Trauma Nail Treatment sounds really interesting, I should look into that.  And OPI rainbow connection is gorgeous, but that makes an awesome layering color.