Saturday, December 3, 2011

LUS Wine Hand And Foot Packs

If you read my previous review on LUS, you would know that I am pretty lax about taking care of my body and sadly that includes my hands and feet.

The official blurb for the Wine Hand And Foot Packs says that making sure your hands and feet look nice does not necessarily require a lot of effort. There are actually quite a few good products you can find out there to pamper your hard working hands and feet, and LUS is among one of them.

These products are designed to be home care treatment so it is really easy to use
and I could not agree more! and can save you the time and money going to salons. I do not concur to this bit though...

Description: The Wine Packs are vinyl gloves and socks soaked in essence of grape wine. The polyphenol extracts in wine are good anti-aging agent that prevents wrinkles and restores skin elasticity. It also contains Green Tea Caffeine, and Fruit Extracts that are effective in removing keratin particle of the skin. You will also find it comes with a sweet scent of red wine and cooling sensation that is quite relaxing to the skin and mind. Frequent usage can certainly help smoothen and moisturise the skin of your hands and feet. (Source:

Hand Pack

I was using my SteamCream as a hand cream for a while (because I was slathering it all over my elbows and legs) but I polished off every last bit and have yet to repurchase so I am without a hand cream at the moment.

Name: LUS Wine Hand Pack
Price: RM 12 for 1 pair
Made in: Korea

How to use.

It is nice to have around, it works well as an occasional treatment but it is not a necessity. In my opinion, regular usage of any old hand cream will give a similar result - baby smooth and moisturised hands for a couple of hours.

The full ingredient list for Wine Hand Pack.

Foot Pack

Foot packs are a novel idea to me, I have seen foot creams around but it never got into my mind to purchase them. If you are like me, the Wine Foot Pack may just be your salvation.

Name: LUS Wine Foot Pack
Price: RM 12 for 1 pair
Made in: Korea

How to use.

My feet felt really soft, moisturised and they were a shade lighter than the rest of my leg but mind you, the brightening effect did not last long.

The effects are not as long lasting as I would like. My feet went back to their normal dry and rough state two days after, thus I would not necessarily classify it in the same category as a treatment at a beauty salon. However, it does work wonders in a short amount of time and it is fairly inexpensive, which makes the Foot Pack a worthwhile weekly treat.

The full ingredient list for Wine Foot Pack.

You can pop into SaSa outlets nationwide or if you would like to purchase LUS products. They ship internationally!

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Katherine Tealeaf said...

So strange, I've heard of using hand and foot creams, but not packs like these. At first I was kinda expecting face mask like sheets, but the full blown toe socks and gloves are kinda cool. Does it leave an oily feeling, that's what I hate most about using handcream, the oily feeling afterwards. :s

chiihime said...

I had never seen moisturizing hand/foot packs before! Thats pretty interesting. Sometimes moisturizing creams are very annooying because your feet may slide from your shoes or hands get too gummy etc. Thanks for sharing!

Tiffany said...

I've seen similar Japanese type of hand and feet "masks" but never considered trying them for myself. Thought they aren't very "practical", it would be a nice treatment to do. 

Jennifer Huang said...

LOL, these look like a novelty to me. I've seen them popping up in the more recent months but never really gave them a second thought. Is it possible to just get hand & feet gloves and just use regular hand/foot cream to soak in it? XD Though these are quite cheap, it wouldn't be too bad to give yourself a little relaxation with these?

Jamillacamel said...

I really need something like this for winter! Thanks for the post!

Elisa said...

i've heard about this before =P looks interesting and would love to try it myself xD

Raimar ღ Guevara ღ said...

OmG!1 That is really cool that hand and foot cover. Your skin looks amazing after that :p

shinyprettythings said...

oooo these are interesting! i wanna try the foot packs. my feet are really gross & ugly atm bc it is winter here which means i will not be wearing open toed shoes in the next few months, which means i can be super lazy & not bother to exfoliate my feel hahahahhaa

Penelope said...

Such cute packs!! Thanks for the review and swatches. I can't believe the foot pack has individual toe thingies, so cute!

q0q0 said...

These hand and foot masks looks very intense, it seems it will work better than normal hand/foot mask =D

Hee u made me wanna try too Hun ^^~

dblchin said...

I'm so in need of pack like these, My skin is as rough as sand paper.