Tuesday, December 13, 2011

LUS Foot Exfoliation Peeling Sheets

If you think that the Wine Foot Pack is not sufficient for your needs or your feet suffer from more severe callouses/cracks/roughness/dryness, you might want to give the Foot Exfoliation Peeling Sheets a try.

Name: LUS Foot Exfoliation Peeling Sheets
Price: RM 48 for 1 box (2 pairs/ 2 foil sachets)
Made in: Korea

Description: LUS Exfoliating Peeling Sheets can certainly help if you have problems such as cracked callus heels and chapped feet. LUS Exfoliating Peeling Sheets is an easy two hours treatment that completely removes the dead skin cells on your feet and you can see the result in just a week after using it. It also contains natural plant extracts which have high moisturising effect so your feet will still be smooth and supple even though the skin are peeling off. The other good thing about it is you only need to use it once in every two to three months to maintain a childlike feet. (Source: supermodels-secrets.com.my/)

A foil sachet contains a pair cloth socks saturated with the exfoliating gel. The plastic socks (not pictured) are packed separately. I secured the plastic socks with scrunchies and they stayed in place without giving me any trouble. You can walk around or do any light chores with them on.

How to use.



Scary picture ahead. The brave hearted may go ahead and click the link to view the during process. Don't say I did not warn you!


The peeling process does not start immediately. In my case, my feet started peeling two days after I did this treatment and it was a huge mess. I wore socks 24 hours a day as I could not stand seeing slabs of dead skin everywhere I went.

The skin on my feet peeled completely in five days and during the whole process there was no pain whatsoever. I believe that I could have finished the whole thing in a shorter time frame had I helped along by peeling the dead skin off myself instead of leaving it be.

It revealed softer, smoother and more supple skin, however, the skin on my heels and big toes remain tough. Although it did not leave those areas as smooth as a baby's foot, I will purchase it after I am done with my second foil sachet. It was fun to see all those dead skin coming off plus it helped in exfoliating my poor abused and often neglected soles!

Foot Exfoliation Peeling Sheets are sold in SaSa outlets nationwide and at supermodels-secrets.com.my. They ship worldwide!

The full ingredient list for Foot Exfoliation Peeling Sheets.

Disclosure: Press sample.


Rick said...

OMGoodness, this is scarrier than the face masks!  But I want to try it, to see if I would leave a trail. =)

Hachi said...

Wow, this sounds awesome!  I could totally use this, my feet are a disaster thanks to working 40 hours a week in heels :x

Anna Katharina said...

Well that was an interesting post, both funny and teaching, since you showed your foot (I've never seen a footcare review before) and made me think about caring more about my feet.

Nani said...

The idea of skin peeling off kinda freaks me out O_O

Tiffany said...

WHOA. So it really does work! I'm quite amazed...lol. 

Kat said...

Thank you for the review. This looks very similar to this other product called Baby Foot (I think that's the name) and I've been wanting to give it a try. I'll go and check out Sasa's pricing.

saccharine0158 said...

blair!!! your foot looks really nice and tiny! hee-hee! sooo cute! :) i don't think i've ever done anything with my foot before except get pedicures because i'm lazy. -_-

Aki! said...

I've never heard of this and I don't think it's in my area... but I really want to try this!

chiihime said...

OMG this is so nice and easy! I want soft skin for my feet too! 
Did you already buy from this site? supermodels-secrets.com.my?

Thank you for hints!

Amy Dang said...

ooo! it looks super effective; gotta try one of these packs soon for the upcoming holidays! :)

plue suewin said...

am gonna try the 绝世美肌 one's. but since i got a cut at my foot, can't use it yet >.< my feet is 10 times worse than urs. sigh. yours look very good already.

Laura bee said...

Whoa at first I thought that the during picture wasn't actually your skin peeling off, but the gel. I can't believe it didn't hurt! Knowing me, I would have picked at it :x
This seems like something that I want to try since my heels are rough.

Jennifer Huang said...

Holy shiiiiiiet :O That was a freaky image.. XD Ahh, tempted to try these out now.. even after seeing that image LOL. Definitely putting this on my next sasa order :3 thanks for the review hun ^^

Makeup Morsels said...

I've seen these (or maybe similar products) at Watsons before!  They definitely look intense hahaha, good to know they work well :)  My feet are in ok shape right now, but I bet they'll start drying out as it gets colder.

shinyprettythings said...

omggg this sounds so cool! i hate having to exfoliate my feet w the pumice stone, so much work! this does the job for u. 

have missed u on blog & twitterland too!!! xo

bangbangsheshoots said...

nice review! i need more foot masks myself.. i'm just wondering how you took that foot picture :P