Thursday, December 8, 2011

Anna Sui Nail Color N

I know it is odd to review items from the fall collection after the holiday collection but I could not help myself. I wanted to stir things up and get you into the holiday spirit by unveiling the holiday collection first. Furthermore, a lot has already been said about the fall collection, Palace Sparkle, so I can afford to be a little late to the party (^ ω ~)

For the fall season, Anna Sui revamped her existing nail polish lineup. The people behind this clearly put a lot of thought into the bottle as well as the formulation. The polishes are said to be long-lasting, quick drying and are free from toluene, dibutyl phthalate and formalin making them great for both your nails and the environment.

This review will focus on one of the series - Nail Color N. The photo below is of the colours that I have. Clockwise from bottom left: 005 Splash Gold, 013 Silk White, 405 Vivid Red, 500 Antique Gold.

Name: Anna Sui アナ スイ Nail Color N ネイルカラー N
Price: RM 54 for 8 ml
@cosme rating: 4.9
Release date: 1.10.2011

The polishes are dressed in a vintage gown.

The brush was a pleasure to use, it is wide and four strokes are sufficient to be rid of drag marks.

005 Splash Gold has a clear base colour with tiny yellow gold flecks and large silvery circular particles. The circular particles reflects light beautifully and this results in rainbow hues. The consistency is in between thick and thin which makes it easy to layer. Three coats gives you a respectable amount of glitters over bare nails. As you would expect, removal was not a walk in the park.

From left: one to three coats

013 Silk White is a sheer ivory polish that flashes pink at almost every angle. It contains subtle and delicate pink flecks. No matter how many layers you apply, it will still appear slightly translucent. I wish the pictures turned out better (I could not capture the pink at all) because it is a stunner!

To further enhance the effect that 005 Splash Gold / 013 Silk White gives, you can slap on a coat over darker shades. The results will amaze you! From left: SkinFood Nail Vita BW 701 as the base colour, layered with 005 Splash Gold, layered with 013 Silk White.

Aren't they gorgeous?

405 Vivid Red is a vixen red creme polish with amazing consistency. It has a great single coat opacity and a high gloss finish. Most people will opt for two coats to achieve full opacity but you can get away with a single coat.

500 Antique Gold is a glitter polish packed with small bronze particles suspended in a clear base. A minimum of three coats is needed to achieve the opacity shown below. I can see myself working through it quickly as the bottle is only 8 ml.

I did not have any wear issues, just minor tip wear after two days for all four polishes, so the claim that it is long lasting is not quite true. They also dried very quickly without the help of a top coat. That being said, all of them except for 405 Vivid Red can benefit from a top coat to remove the grittiness.

These polishes provide a beautiful tea rose scent when dry. I could not stop sniffing my fingers! The scent does not linger though and will fade within a day.

The press release also included some nail art styles and I decided to include them in this entry to serve as inspiration for all you talented nail artists out there~

Colours used: 506 Feather Gold, 323 Deep Rose, 802 Sparkle Gold

Colours used: 904 Tuxedo Green, 705 Silk Beige, 608 Brilliant Orange

There are 32 colors in the range and I believe the finish varies from colour to colour. You can purchase any of the Anna Sui nail polish shades at Anna Sui counters nationwide, where you will also find a base coat and a top coat for the ultimate manicure / pedicure experience.

(Source: Promotional images are taken from Anna Sui's press release and the last picture is from

Disclosure: Press samples.


Penelope said...

Such adorable packaging!! I really love the look of Antique Gold - so pretty!

Elisa said...

i have seen these in magazines.. didn't buy it though.. love the packaging ^^ !

SARA MARI said...

Wow all the colors seem so nice, especially the ivory color seems to be special! And the red is not harsh, but very sweet! Thanks for the review, it makes me want to pick one up on my next Japan trip XD

Jian said...

OMG the packaging is SOOOOO cute!!!

I love the red! I actually don thave a single hot red nail polish like that! Time to get one I think! For the holidays!

Tiffany said...

These polishes are gorgeous!! The effect Slik White gives over dark polishes is beautiful. Love the bottle design too. So cute!

Jamilla said...

These are Ultra Kawaii - too bad they're not sold in the UK anymore!

Nani said...

Love the gold glitter color and the packaging is pure swag D:

adailydoseofanything said...

the colors are nice and i love the packaging too! the only downside would be the price :( 

Coco Lee said...

omg. that gold color is GORGEOUS! 

especially over the black! <3i picked up 003 from this collection & it is so beautiful!
can't wait to get some more from the line !

- Coco

shinyprettythings said...

omgggg the packaging is super cute!!! im sad these don't smell as strong of roses as the old version tho. but will still check them out when in TW. it's become a tradition to hoard Anna Sui every time i'm there hehehe

saccharine0158 said...

blairrrr!!! how could you make something that isn't available here so tempting? >.<

Kat said...

Splash Gold is so pretty!!! I love the presentation of it in the bottle--so cute! Thank you for the review!

Beauty Box said...

I've always wondered if Anna Sui nail polishes were any good....they look awesome! 

LaPetiteIchigo said...

oh, i am in love, those are my dream nail polishes *.* all of them are perfect ♥ i am able to kill for them :D

Jennifer Huang said...

i love her packaging. It's simply amazing and very elegant. I don't like red polishes much but i love how the vivid red looks!

q0q0 said...

I like the Bottles!! So Anna Sui <3

Vivid Red is hot Love it Hunnie~ Gorgeous ^^

SilhouetteScreams said...

Not even gonna lie, I would buy these solely for the packaging. It's precious :3 

Makeup Morsels said...

I LOVE Vivid Red and Splash Gold, especially Splash Gold over black.  I think the bottles/promo image for this collection were so well done too!  Thanks for sharing this prettiness with us :)

Linails said...

I looooooove the packaging!!!!!!!! They are really beautiful!!!!!!!
I funds to these superb color!!!!!!! 
Too bad we can't buy them in France, and there is no site where find them.I'm a polish addict an I would have seen in my collection of nail polish :)Thank you for this wonderful article ;) 

Blair said...

Hi Linails, am glad that you enjoyed my post! I did a quick google for you.. you can get Anna Sui nail polishes from Hope this helps ^^